Monday, October 12, 2009

nauwar's raya open haus.

so on the 11th, we all headed over to nauwar's for her raya open house.
aww look at her. our very happy looking host.

so when we walked in to her house,
we were greeted by this.
very big, very scary but very cool plant.
so scary. *eyes dilate

so as normal malaysians,
we went right to the food.

oh yea. good good food. *mouth waters
the curry mutton was kickass. really.
couldnt eat much of it though, my throat was screaming protests the whole time.

didnt try the chicken rendang, but it smelled good.

mmm everyone couldn't get enough of the fried chicken.

i dunno, this seems completely redundant next to the other stuff :P

heh brinjal! nyomnyom.

malay laksa! haha.

of course, the traditional lemang and nasi intip (inktip? i dunno) and etc.

kickass chocolate cake nauwar baked that very morning.
super fresh yo!

and, randomly, creme brule. haha.

hazel ate about a thousand of these.
maybe thats why u have such thin hair..
it all goes to your hair
(it doesnt seem to be going anywhere else unless hazel's been taking big big poopoos)
and it's so heavy, it falls off.
good theory, no?

tanying who finally changed her phone. lol.

mei and mark.
told you people there liked the chicken :P

neeraj needs to eat more tsk tsk.

we went up to see nauwar and her brother's room.
two haikal (haiqal)s and an amir.
rock band,
and hot wheels painted on the wall by nauwar's dad.

and nauwar's room,
i'd kill to have that scenery next to my bed anyday.

went back down to eat more (hazel) and talk.

haha nauwar's bu4 friend, didnt get her name.

inaz.. haha shokute.

good picture mark.

neeners stone.

mr genius himself honoured us with his presence.

and upon scrolling through my pictures,
i realised that denise has this tendency of capturing wtf faces.
wtfface vZen.0

wtfface vPjb.0

wtfface vJen.0

and, yours truly.
the syrup tasted like orange juice so i was mildly confused.
cheryl's right, i DO look pissed when i'm stoned. lol.

a lot of us had to leave at 4 cause they were hitching a ride and i wasnt feeling too good.
hazel and nauwar.

suzen and nauwar.

and me looking like a pontianak.
flash me no likey.

and the reason why i'm blogging..

is cause mei deserves it.
and peckie passed her road, and ashvin passed last week.
no worries lynnette, we can always retake yea? :)

i've been sick for the last few days
and what i need is bed rest and fluids.
ugh. i hate being sick.
i couldnt even call my sister to wish her happy bday.

while we're on the subject,
happy bday serena!
and don't worry, i think your hair looks cool.
short hair is the epitome of coolness.

i should be shot. ;)