Saturday, October 17, 2009

how the day was spent.

so everyone who read my blog yesterday knew what day it was for the two of us.

we FINALLY watched star trek.
suzen, i still dont get what i'm supposed to laugh at. O.o
wanted to watch the ugly truth but the dvd wasnt clear.
iHappy. 2 vereh hensem bois in one movie. ;)
spock looks like a freak tho. or are all vulcans supposed to look like that?

went to pasta zanmai after tuition for dinner.
mmm. photography. needs. improvement.

they had SOOOOOOO many things i wanted to try, took us quite a while to decide.

silly boy x)

uhm, soy beans. i thought it'll be like tauju (chinese fermented soy beans)..

but the goo has the consistency of caramel. lol.
didnt taste THAT bad. it was alright actually.

unagi. mmmm nyom nyom nyom.

clam and japanese mushroom pasta in wafu soup (cheng tong).
it wasnt mind blowing but was certainly more than pleasant to eat. :)

shabu shabu salad spaghetti in sesame sauce.
i had NO idea it was cold pasta. lol gave me a shock.

polished, cept for the beans. O.o

thanks for dinner honey, really. :)

got some ice cream after that.
mow milk flavoured ice cream and pino macha ice cream in chocolate.

ambigram. lol.

he was like a little boy, running around with the ice cream.

pino was a bit harder to eat.

walked down highstreet and found some event over there.
(lol they're still selling O.o)

first thing that caught my eye,
street fighter on 3 screens wtf?!!
you should've seen minghan's face when chunli came on, on 3 screens.
men. pfft.

it was the digital delirum expo, indie youth festival 2009.
and yeah, its a gaming thing.
the overall winner gets to go to sweden.

what is there in sweden? ikea?
maybe they think gamers need really good furniture.
and chocolates. mmm.

anyway, i hung around a spotted a couple of people i knew,
and snapped some photos here and there.

what's so special about the people on stage? O.o

and yeah, sorry bout the burst of yellow jou, DiGi's one of the sponsors. ;)

then one of the girls comes up to me and asked if i'd like to join their blogging competition.
so yeah, yay for me.

my task:
go to sakae sushi,
tell them what i was there for,
eat the food they give me,
and blog about it as graciously as i could by 5 pm.

sap sap water (sap sap sui) la.
like an everyday task for me ;)

so minghan and i headed over to sakae sushi.
i always thought those kinda cartoon frogs were cute. keropi? :P

i cant wait to get my braces off. it's rather wearisome, not being able to smile with teeth without looking like you're something they constantly destroy in the sarah conner chronicles.

minghan and i were entitled 1 black and 1 red plate each,
cause we both signed up to blog about it.
doubt he would blog about it tho, so i'll do his part for him anyway.

so we started off with something completely ordinary.
chuka idako.
the taste and texture of the baby octopuses were fine, just that the red sauce was a bit thick.

unagi chawa mushi.

i love unagi, and i love chawa mushi.
wave peak + wave peak = constructive interference.
sorry, physics-ing here.

it was really really good,
and i've neither heard of nor had unagi chawa mushi anywhere else before.

and the black plate items,
my pinky bunny,
which consisted of mango, little condiments (?) pink rice and half an egg.

sadly, when i ate the rest but left the egg,
pinky bunny started to cry. or disintegrate, i'm not too sure.
i popped it into my mouth anyway. heh.

and this one,
it's called puppy love.

it's actually fried potato, and minghan really liked it.

he liked it so much, he didnt share any,
(not like i did mine either but STILL)
therefore i cannot serve as witness whether or not it is as awesome as he said so.

yeah, i destroyed that for him too. lol
i should never have pets or children.

yeah, i definitely would remember that day.
how often do you get free food on your anniversary? ;)

went home at abut 1030,
and watched a bit of marley&me.
i havent got to the parts where i should be crying.. yet.
but marley was so cute.. at first.
i'd kill my dog and myself if i had a dog like that.

thanks for the great day honey. xoxo.

i sense a new blog header coming real soon.

and a new blogger profile picture too.

wadya think? :)
suggestions, criticism, comment,
i'm open to all. :D

it'll be a busy day tomorroww.

p.s: i'm changing my blog to show only one post at a time,
since everyone's complaining that my blog lags like a bitch.
feel free to read the older posts. it makes me happy.

p.p.s: who likes them bigass pictures now? :D

p.p.p.s: happy birthday denise and doris! i love you two mwax ♥