Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Sherwin!

just got back from sherwin's house.
man he's one happy guy.

minn and i (and minghan) planned to surprise sherwin on his birthday,
not with cake, but with something sherwin thinks is better than, well, girls.
take a wild, wild guess.
my partner in crime.
no one else wanted to share cause they said we'd kill him.

so i got these lovely boxes of goodness from du,
then aunty irene picked me up from home to go to sherwin's place.

spent a good 5 minutes 'setting up' the candles at the park opposite his house.
yeah, well the boxes looked really plain and i was bored. :P

his maid, aunty rita (is it?) let us in and we started singing happy birthday
..until we saw his relatives there and they were looking at us funny.
yeah, he was surprised alright.

2 styrofoam boxes of goodness.
one whole roasted duck, that is.

his mom came back a few minutes after that with cake.
marble cheese cake from secret recipe which was surprisinly quite good.
his mom picked a baby-in-a-nappy ornament lol.

round 2 of lighting up the candles.

sang happy birthday together with his family.
lol his aunt (sitting, next to him) is quite funny.

hahah yup, his favourite cake.

hey, you gotta really thank minn for this k.
iKelefe. ;)


oh and i got to see his new dog of 6 months, goldie too.

hey jou, she's as much a camwhore as crumbles, if not more. LOL.

surprises are simply the best gifts in the world to give anyone.
agree? :D

oh and,
happy birthday jasmeen if you're reading this.

back to the books then. T.T