Wednesday, October 7, 2009

of the insanely unique and the insanely amused.

i've been going to the ttdi library and the rsc library to study lately,
it's absolutely impossible for me to study at home
cause there's far too many distractions and whatnot.

on friday,
went to get them from lynnette's place for lunch and for lynnette to collect her AAR tickets.

after walking around ou countless times,
we finally settled on PHOP.

tanying's hot chocolate with marshmallows which tasted like milo. lol.

i dunno what lynnette ordered but yeah.
original pancakes,

with maple syrup. :D yumm.
though, lynnette forgot to leave the term 'banjir' behind at the banana leaf places -.-

some amsterdam savoury thingy.
it tastes like pizza, extra extra thin crust. woo.

and tanying's blueberry crepe. mhmm.

see la you. banjir some more. tsk tsk.

ahaha and tanying was just damn amused by lynnette.

went back up to the DiGi stall, which FINALLY opened.

and lynnette got to get her tickets but not her free merchandise.

DiGi, epic phailures la srsly.

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