Sunday, October 18, 2009

surprise surprise v2.0

now, everyone loves surprises.
i mean, who doesnt?

(well, except maybe when you KNOW there's gonna be a surprise
but you don't know WHAT the surprise is,
that's a completely difference story that i'm sure munyi and i will tell one day)

3 people were surprised that day,
each informed about the other surprise but not their own.
it all seemed like an innocent dinner with dessert as the surprise.
minn and zen joined us later.

mei, my planner-in-crime.

ashvin, this was the picture i was laughing my ass off about.

minn, who only knew about one surprise (whoops)

and suzen, who naturally knew what was going on.

surprisee #1 & #2

surprisee #3.

and of course..
the photographer. or so i'd wish to be dubbed.

dinner was innocent enough,
i could barely eat cause i was nervous that the plans might go wrong or something.

pictures today aren't very nice, i was rather distracted. sorry.
freaky caterpillar looking maki.

the only form of vege that sieuminn eats.

salmon sashimi.

sashimi salad, if i'm not mistaken.


cold soba.

hot soba.

japanese chicken rice ;)

and beef rice.

it's funny how cameras can capture moments that seem completely ordinary,
yet those moments can be completely hilarious once frozen.

a kids basic guide to the most important process of life: eating.
#1 pop the food in your mouth.

#2 yea, pop it in S-L-O-O-O-O-W-W-W-L-L-L-Y-Y-Y to enjoy it.

#3 and chew thoroughly to avoid indigestion.

i am so tired i'm becoming lame, please shoot me.
mei, cheryl and ashvin. ;)

zen and mei.

getting ready for surprise #2,
got my laptop out using the excuse that i wanted to google sieu minn.

thanks siewmun, for lending this to me though it didnt really work ;)

and here goes surprise #1.
i know it was bad of me to intrude,
but i thought that i should repay munyi and ed in some way for waiting in line for a table for us.
so i got them a slice of black&white chocolate cake from alexis.

'3', lucky number. :D

surprise #2, which was the main point of why we were there that night.

minghan helped me drop off the flowers that were picked up earlier that day at A|X.
yeah, serena's mom really knows her stuff.

from shawn, all the way from germany, for cheryl.
6th month, am i not mistaken? ;)

oh, you think that's it?

most definitely not.
since cheryl's birthday was so close to spm (that's one month from now, kids)
we decided to celebrate it a month early.
and shawn insisted on getting the cake.
THIS cake. berry meringue, or as he spells it, manrage, from alexis.
mei, one the the waitresses at zanmai, minn and munyi helped loads for this.

apparently, it's their favourite.
(and i can totally understand why lol it was damn kickass)

cheryl and marzipan.
wordings alright, mr lim?

the other part of the surprise which mei handled,
was to video call shawn while it was all happening.
however, my skype was totally acting up, it didnt really jadi.
(can someone please tell me how do i delete dell live webcam avatar PERMANENTLY kthxbai)

i think shawn got to see what was going on on our end tho, but we couldn't see him.
thats him on the phone, btw.

pluck a berry,

and quickly put it in your mouth.

denise catches your every move, honey ;)

cheryl tried cutting the cake but i think she was rather distracted by the call.

so suzen took over.

and we all had our share of the cake and man,
it was so good. no kidding.
blueberries were a bit sour but who cares?

there was this really annoying kid sitting behind us,
i nearly killed him.
i kinda told him off in front of his family (who took up 2 of those green tables)
but i didnt care. everyone knows how much i love kids. =.=

he just kept bothering us.
so cheryl gave him a piece of cake.
yeah, he looks cute la. but annoying like hell.

turns out, he's joo yien's relative.
she came by their table and said hi and saw us.
so she got a piece of cake too.
small world.

so yeah,

hope you're a happy girl tonight, honey. :)

like i said,

surprises are simply the best gifts in the world to give anyone. :)

must be my lucky day. ;)