Wednesday, October 14, 2009

HELP SASA Scholarship Receiving Ceremony 2009

i have no idea what the event is really called but let's just leave it as that la k. :D
on the 10th of october,
the lot of us who got the SASA scholarship attended the ceremony.
though some didnt go due to personal reasons O.o

drove suzen, mark, ashvin and mei there.
suzen and mark, who was there not as a recipient but as 'Mr. Lim'.

and mei, Mrs. Lim.
love the tie and shoes. ;)

yeah, su-zen's 'parents'.

ashvin kaur!

parked at the main block and took the HELP bus to Wisma HELP.
waiting for the ceremony to start in the refreshments room.

and daggles met up with us later on.

went into the minuscule hall for the ceremony after that.
our rather enthusiastic emcees for the day,
and magdalene.

speeches were in order, i wanted to fall asleep till his girl came on.
she's one good speaker, thats for sure.
president of SASA 09 i think.

and after everything, they started giving out the certificates in alphabetical order.
you have no idea how numb my butt was lol, there were so many!

so DU spirits were quite high that day,
we were obviously the loudest cheering group there.
(after a while other people stopped cheering for the DU kids lol)
and i think the people sitting a few rows in front of me kinda hate me cause i'm pretty loud.
Aaron wu, who was first.

Adam leong, who ran away and didnt notice the photographer calling him back.

Ashvin kaur, followed by 2 other (guy) ashwins.

Anthony khor.

Carys lim.

Chia pei yeen.

Esther teng.

Khoo hanxern.

Grace tan.

Lee horngQing, mr. boss himself.

Lee jen wei.

Lim su-zen.

Lim yi may, the only person there in a SUIT. (besides one guy) zzz.

Low wai wan!!!!!!!!!!

Mark stohart.

Naomi cheng.

Ng zhi yung.

Nicholas wong.

Serenity chitty.

Shahreen joshi.

Siti syamimi, i think she looked really pretty that day.

Stephanie ling.

Terence wong, whoops sorry, too fast.

Tan hui xian.

Toh kar tong.

and finally!
Wong rui ching.

i started feeling sick halfway through and just wanted to get out of there, but it was really hard cause the auditorium was packed and it was hard to move anywhere without sticking your butt up someone's face or head.

there, try to spot yourselves though this isnt the original sized picture. lol.

now normally, i'd keep achievements like this all hush hush
(ask and you shall receive and answer, thats how i do it)
but yeah, i'm a SASA-rian now. lol.
feels good to know that i'm wanted SOMEWHERE. :D

didnt really wanna touch the food they had ready for us,
so i took the lot of them and aaron back to ttdi.
jasema, man it's been a long time since i've been there.

thanks mei, for being my photographer of the day.
you even look the part, totally ;)


its a minghan next to the exclamation mark. :P

i need to learn to put make up on properly, i can't keep going around looking like marilyn manson.

okay, REALLY back to the book now.

p/s: scroll for more!