Monday, October 19, 2009

i'm feeling nostalgic.

bet you guys aren't used to seeing this puny thing after a month's worth of denise's pictures.

my dear ixus camera (dubbed de-nephew by minghan, geddit geddit =.=)
was certainly was a loyal companion,
always there to capture the memories for a little over a year.
yea, i got it the day before my first blog post on this blog.

and looking back at the old posts,
this caught my eye in particular.
ah, good times, good ol' times.

to-do list.
1. look for a prom dress
2. save money
3. surrender laptop (no no gimme a day more :/)
4. cease all modes of going out. (besides AAR and one [possibility of a] movie)
(heck i might not even go for AAR, the idea of going to bukit jalil's really putting off.)
5. put this blog on a 1-and-a-half month long hiatus. (no dont scoff, i really mean it.)
6. study.

well, time to start acting like an spm student and really get serious.
it's pretty much a month left, and i've got nothing, NOTHING in my head.

you all know i'm not exaggerating, right?

so yeah, i'll pop by occasionally with a picture or two,
and i shall officially reopen this blog with a real big bang on the 8th of december.

new header, new layout, .com?
who knows.

till then, toodles,