Wednesday, October 7, 2009

hari anugerah cemerlang kokurikulum smkdu 2009.

sorry. heh. don't you guys dare deny that you did that when she was on stage okay.

last wednesday, the school had their annual co-curriculum day
to award the poor form 5s their well deserved (or not) co-curricular certificates of appreciation.
and, well, as usual it was devastatingly boring.

kun, pauline, aik and myself had lots of fun with denise though,
since there was nothing else better to do.
the man himself, who in my personal opinion, will be the dirtiest politician of his era.
just kidding horng qing. maybe 'era' might be too short a timespan of your reign.

if pauline wants pictures, pauline gets her pictures.
aaron wu horng qing.

madame secretary and the vegetable boss.

pun and kauline.

lol natasha.

eleh.. look at that shiny king's scout badge..
*raba raba

i don't know whether we'll ever know why yoke's always so against taking photographs.

bad example. look, even nic's following suit.
btw, congrats nic for getting ASEAN! :)

the lot of us. sigh. one day i will pull all the seniors of 08/09 together
for a nice nice peekture taken by denise and richards.
you mark my words, i see that day coming already.

and, it's kun's spamming from now on.
i vaguely remember the picture on the cover of your f1 sejarah project was similar to this.

and there's, of course, the pauaik spam.

i should make a label specially for you two. tsk tsk.

aik and myself.
another shiny king's scout badge..
*raba raba more.

aik, lol.

basketball president, treasurer and secretary.
ahhaa ashvin, see why u need to improve on your writing?

plus ashbin and cheryl.



heh, sorry nick.

i have about a million pictures of melvin okay, thanks kun.

look everyone!
it's a sieuminn. lol.
and a genevivi, lol at en. ismail.

zoom effect, taken by tanjen.
you know, after pmr and spm before you jet ff to aussie,
you need to give me a crash course since i obviously don't know what i'm doing.

i'm currently sitting on one of those high tables at HELP university college,
class is going to start soon, at 10. sigh sigh.

no i'm just kidding.
minghan's having a performance later at 12
and i didnt wanna waste my energy looking for a parking lot,
so i wasted my sleeping time and followed him here at 8am.
am i not the smartest person on earth?

i should win the nobel prize.

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