Wednesday, October 7, 2009


went out for lunch with ray and minghan at aman suria for some pan mee.
and yes, i drove. :D
lol, he's still the same after all those years. tsk.

and we look like siblings.

the pan mee at kd or better yet, the one at kl was much better.
but it was alright nontheless.

so as i was turning out of aman suria, i had to make a u turn to get back on the road heading towards tropicana or bu. so i took a u turn..

and was immediately stopped by the police.

in my mind i was like, oh @$%^@%^@% BLOODY HELL. O.O
apparently, i made an illegal u turn when there CLEARLY was an absence of a 'no u-turn' sign.
my logic, no 'no u-turn' sign, means you CAN make a u-turn, right?
nope. -.-

the officer told me to move to the side.
one look at my license, he started scolding me about how i'm still a P driver and how a saman (fine) would increase my chances of them revoking my license etc etc etc. every bit of him, everything he was saying, was radiating uhm, 'belanja me', if you get what i mean.

i just sat there like a dumb blonde and acted like i had no idea what he was talking about.

but surprise surprise, he let me off, no saman, no belanja whatsoever.
which kinda made me realize how policemen can be, well, nice. mhmm.

dropped minghan home and ray and i headed over to ou.
we shared a pure caramel.
WOO. it was so sweet my earlobes were becoming diabetic.
sat down and did quite a bit of catching up. mhmm.

and don't worry about your fifa 2010.
just bring it back and get it changed la.

mmm. time sure flies.
2006. with my unnamed 1.3mpx phone camera.

and 2009, with denise.

ah, makes me feel so... old.

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