Wednesday, October 28, 2009

SMKDU Form 5 Graduation 2009.

seems like just yesterday,
i stepped into 1 mawar with jialinq,
starting off high school like any junior.

seems like just yesterday,
i was with jou and mei in 2 mawar,
complaining about rifdy and wengseng.

seems like just yesterday,
i was in 3 kiambang,
making fun of en asri with siewmun and took pmr.

seems like just yesterday,
i was barely there in 4 kempas :P
the class that was 'damn slumber' according to everyone else.

and yet today marks the day we (sorta) hang our uniforms with a hint of finality
before taking em out for exams in a few weeks time.


sigh, the word makes me feel so old.
mhmm, all of us had to prance around in the sauna-worthy hogwarts-like robes.
thank God all of us had to wear em cause at least we all looked like idiots together as a school lol.

you know, i don't think the robes were THAT bad were they?
i mean they stank like crap initially and was just a bit hot but thats about it right?
putting them on was shit though lol.

heh pretty much all of us had problems pinning the stupid sash into place.
i pricked my thumb ngh.

lol munyi ahh you naughty girl.

still struggling with the robes. lol.

yoke, whatheck?

aww sucha hensem boiii *pinches cheek

wujuwujuwujujuuuuuu shokute wahahahah chen sern.

botakEd and bobJian.

mark and mei.

minn and mun.

minn and mun again. lol.

zel and bra? LOLLOLLOLGAHAHAHA i crack myself up.
hazel and debra. :D

headed down to the hall late. heh.
took more pictures there. a LOT more.
joo pauline and natasha.
damn pauline i really like your shoes.

okay i know i said it wasnt THAT bad ( in terms of heat ) but it was still quite hot la.
lol mei orgasmicnya.

nat and joo.

aww horng qing. i'll miss your voice la.

they started giving out the graduation scrolls after that.
for those pictures i'll just post em on fb and tag people la okay,
pn anisha and i. i'll miss her voice too.

monitor and assistant. munyi you fake-r you.

i honestly think our school's orchestra's really good for their standard.
really loved the pirates of the carribean theme song. you guys rock. ;)
though grace ling looked like she was trying to spear someone's head off but that doesnt matter lol.

the graduation song by vitamin c that the form 5s of every year sing.
as we go on, we remember
all the times we had together
and as our lives change from whatever
we will still be friends forever

yup. surprisingly, i didnt shed a tear.
usually at scenes like this i'd be bawling my eyes out.

guess i was too busy taking pictures. heh.

treexia you shorty! ;)

suzen, jialinq and hazel. :)

sherwin and nauwar.

isk lynnette kacau :P

lydia, benita and shivarnee.

aaron, mark and chip.

serena and nadia.

rahul and cheryl.

rahul and aaron.

rahul and yangyi.

yangyi and peiji.
aww shokute they're so colourful!


yoke and kun ahhahaha

cheryl, chip and yoke kacau.

general troublemakers of the school. tsk tsk naughty.

is eugene grabbing louis' ass or what ah what's with the face =.=

cheryl and louis.

tucky and amir! ahhaha nice uhm shirt amir.

khye yuen and aik lynn. nice one la khye yuen.

kun and mei. nice tie again ;)

zen and keam sunn, alamak abit dark.

family portrait! haha.

zeeyin, carys, jessica and cs.

yoke and aik.

yoke and naomi.

1 kenangas?

joee, aik, yihling and jialinq.

finally left the hall and stopped by the f4 bio lab
to return our once febreeze-d now sthinking-like-shit robes (well mine was anyway)

and took more pictures.
ashvin haikal and cheryl.

ah chung and cinagirl.


tucky again. haha.

eugene why you going australia and not for prommmm :(

eleh, derek.

everyone wants a picture with Mr. Boss.
aww. testosterone of COH 08/09

even derek man.

charge him la hQ!

cheryl LOL.

i dulan yoke cause he KEPT TAKING MY CAMERA =.=

pauline and arinah.

cheryl and yoke. lol.

munyi and nick.

siewmun and ed.

trixha and her balls.
such a happy picture. :)

nick and ed.

LIM CLAN WOWOWOWOWOWO there's actually like, a million more but wtv.

basketball team. 06-09, with additions and subtractions.

ladies in white.

cher haow and choon hon.

crap, i dunno their names =/ LYNNETTE!

the guys of kempas, minus a few who went missing.


more guys. haha derek looks like a tailou.

cv and bee lian.

majority meranti.

mana joanne -.-

joo and nat again!


damn she looks like one of those revlon models, all sexy sultry wtv LOL

me with the keledang chiqas :)

zen and muns.

ashvin and muns.

ed and ashvin.

oh, i love couple pictures.
eric and jialinq.

steph and hanxern.

munyi and ed.

nick and trixha.

no pun and kauline?
mark and zen??

okay, overload of me after this. ;)
guys first.
tunku abdul rahman in the flesh.

cvboiboi, you shall dance to jaiho on prom night for everyone kay xD

edward you botak boy. remember to give CS' tie back.

yoke, you should get a camera for yourself. seriously.
or you can be my assistant alongside mei. :D

jian/bob and his apek tie. don't wear that anymore k lol.

derek i found somewhere else with tomyam pan mee hawhawhaw

heehee tucky so short.
and i'm not wearing the four inch stripper heels trixha got me, no i'm not. :D

okay i admit, i was wearing those 4 inch heels.
even then amir's still so FREAKING TALL.

you had it coming and you know it. ;)

my eleven year old friend, haikal.
and out of eleven, 7 years in the same class. :)

bubbareja, we shall play 20 questions till the cows come home over duck one fine day.

mark, i shall be campaigning for you and suzen for best couple.

there you go. ;)

jun, aiyo so big boy ade ah. *pinches cheek

kun. the smile says it all.


wein. reconciliation. :D

aaron, i want your movies the minute we finish chemistry paper 3.

afiQ! pn angeline tuition friend wahahaha that was so long ago omg O.o

zul sangat leng chai ahhh.

faiz, for goodness sake, get rid of your glasses.

remember how my nails cut your lip in std6 eugene?
glad we're good friends now aye :D

jun herng my rumah kuning conductor! awimbawe :D

louis, up up down down left right left right a b enter scroll!
lol do it on your fb homepage and you'll get what i mean.

nick, when there's free ice cream near your area tell me okay :D

david, be happy you're only no.14. not no 13, then no 5p, and no 7p (sesi 2). -.-

neeenerrrrssss. you need to eat more honey. get an IV strapped to your every limb.

cs, lol pure white ties.

aaron liao, the peribahasa boy. lol.

horngqingggg! you know until today your barcelona keychain's still on my pencil box? :D

yoke told brendon and i to give him a cool face and i gave him that.
epil fail la.

and the girls.

suzenneyhunney ♥

joooo. tell me where you wanna eatttt.

minn seriously, your bday present is otw okay. :D

cheryL, dont need to work so hard planning that post-spm trip k ;)

munyi makes the leo uniform look like lingerie =.=

siewmun, i peel like this peekture is berry perpect ahh.
sorryz, philipinian.

ashvin, be honoured cause this is my fav picture of today :D

mei faster get your 1000d!

trixha, remember that it's you who gave me those 4-inches k :P or well, you chose anyway.

yeehua, finally the one to ask for a picture to be taken. :)

natashaaaaa. jaga siu kiong okayyyy.
i go see your mommeh vereh soonzz.


pfft you crazy maniacal friends.

nauwarrrr me is liking your kebayaa.

omg, this just reminded me of something.
remember izzuddin omg! HAHAHAHAHAH

avey, i'll miss you when you leave for canada.. :(

and of course, the pauline and aiklynn chronicles.
psst, i gave them permission to take pictures from my blog for the slideshow
so don't get mad at barnette and gang for putting that picture okay :P


i still can't stop thinking about your shoes. lol.


don't stress about prom k? i'm 100% sure we all can make it a success.


zu, we shall bring en shuhil for vicchudda tomyam after spm okay :D

zara, finally a real taman tun-er ;)

joee, we'll prove that left handers don't die young okay!
meet you at smkdu gates in 100 years lol wtf

lydia, wow natalie did a good job. haha. i liked your shoes too ;)

awww hazel you nutty.
'he said i've been to the year 3000.. ' :D

debra, please don't put braces on your darlie ad teeth :(

zeeyin, when you go to sepang gc, take super a lot of pictures k!

jessica, it's been a really long time since we've last spoken to each other. :')

serena-na-na-na-na, don't hate your hair k, remember short hair rocks the world.
thank you for the card :)

keyao, my darling poison apple pL :D

peiyeen, another old old friend. what, 10 years ah? :)

omg kiren i still have your punjabi suit! =x i'll return it asap!

elishaaa please give mr yu a full body makeover. i'm sure all his students will chip in ;)

shahreen has become a real bollywood star over the years man.

carys my mssd queen. it's been a fast run through the 4 years.

nadira and nik, you two crazy girlssss!

'don't make a move till you're in the groove, and do the peter panda dance..'

naomi, omg remember en hisham? eww yick yuck.

adeline, please do what you did and tell it like it is instead of letting me whine okay :P

emelyn, have fun and take care in japan!

qianlulu, throw yourself in the sun or i'll do it for you.

peckie, purple ftw right ;)

arinah, i wil always remember how you told the f4 guys off. man you scary O.o


aini, you need to go in the sun too!

grace, you know what, i really miss pn liew. we shall visit her one day okay :D

serene, i still have the picture of you all ketupat-ed in your scarf at forum 08. LOL.

yarnayyy, thank you and your mom so much for lending me the kebaya!
yup, that awesome kebaya is yanleng's mom's. :)

jielin, oh my dear tjL. remember all those times in f2? :)

pn anisha. thanks for putting up with me. gahahahaha.

pn catherine. one of the two reasons why i'm definitely going back to DU.

mmmmm :)
everybody loves mei. sorry bout the lipgloss. ;)

the dulu-7-sekarang-6-di-belakang.

nevermind, we'll get a proper 7-di-belakang picture during prom.

i love you guys. :D

Will we think about tomorrow like we think about now?
Can we survive it out there? Can we make it somehow?
I guess I thought that this would never end
And suddenly it's like we're women and men

Will the past be a shadow that will follow us round?
Will these memories fade when I leave this town
I keep, I keep thinking that it's not goodbye
Keep on thinking it's a time to fly

As we go on, we remember
All the times we had together
And as our lives change, from whatever

We will still be, friends forever

phew. finally.

eh sorry la for the delay. (jou, mei, cheryl)
photobucket didnt upload quite a number of my pictures
so i had to slowly comb the missing ones out.


feel free to grab all the photos.
everything else will be up on facebook by tomorrow.

so spm's just right there. the clock's ticking fast baby.