Saturday, August 15, 2009

as promised..

i skipped school (again) on thursday and followed my sister and her friends to jalan kuchai lama for fish head noodles.
last time i went there was probably over a year ago.

motherload. wooo.

claypot lou she fun.

black pepper lamb.

fried intestines and ovaries. heh.
used to be awesome but it tasted weird that day.

jelly. heh. i see munyi tearing and salivating already.

johnson and jie.

went to bangsar puteri that night,

'sorry maam, they didnt send the crab you booked..'
'ha? what's the point of booking then?'
'very sorry maam, they didnt send today.'
'can you go and faster catch one now and cook ah?'

mmm. oh well. means we'd be going to defoodland soon kekeke.
belacan kangkung.

sweet and sour chicken.

fried kerabu tofu.

black pepper beef.


petai sotong.

fried butter sotong.

and the one type of prawn i never turn down..
fresh water prawns. which're like, the size of my face.

minghan loved the food there. kekeke.

aunty lg.

jie and ping.

moozie and daggles.

and probably the most well known maid in cyberspace, chantum. mother dunno how to pour beer. tsk tsk.

holy CRAP.
my last driving lesson's tomorrow.
sweet mother of nature.
mr fung's gonna be dman stressed.

hot and fluffeeehhhhh!!!! - link