Saturday, August 22, 2009

iBlog, uDrool. :)

okay i've been pretty busy not to mention lazy to update my blog so yeah.
sorry for depriving you of your daily dose of food pictures for about 5 days. ;)

since my vegetarian aunt came dow from penang for a wedding on saturday night,
we went for vegetarian food last sunday for lunch.
old cucumber soup.

dragon boat. heh.

vegetarian four seasons i think.


vegetarian charsiew and fish foochuk. tastes like the real thing heh.

vegetarian petai fish, which tasted like foochuk lol.

minghan tasting chinese vegetarian for the first time. lol.


ping and daddy.

koko and ping.

mommy and chantum.

headed over to bangsar with minghan and his family to visit their grandparents.
they're damn funny. specially his granddad.

took mingyue and mingli to the crocs sale after that.
no. 6 bu4/9 bandar utama.
selling rejected crocs for rm 30 and up.

minghan and i went to tropicana city for a while after that.
it's been a while since we've gone out just to walk around.

bought a bolster for his car. lol.

mhmm. tropicana city has pretty interesting shops now hor. ;)

my dad's new found korean friend, kim, invited over to his condo at sentul for korean style barbecue.
the stuff was mostly cooked by saito, the japanese dude who lives with and works for kim.
kim and his wife.

dr ed and saito.

dr jack, dr shih pei, moozie, lilian and cynthia.

pingies cooking saba fish. kickasssss.

fishbone? heh.

daggles kena bully by my sister.

headed back to kim and saito's condo.
saito and his wheely coleman.

kim's condo has a real fantastic view.

saito's dog is way cuter than sandy or muffin or whatever k!
that reminds me, minmn, i've yet to see beemer ;)

thank you, kim and saito! :)

how people say we look alike, i dont know how.

on monday after my (failed) driving test, *geram geram geram
jie, ping, aunty laygaik and i headed over to cheras for lunch.
damn cute la the names of the roads there.

finally got to the place, forgot what it's called.
yongtaufoo. they ran outta ladies fingers zzz.

fried vegetables. more brinjal yummy :D

pork. heh.

braised claypot lamb. :P kickassss.

thanks for lunch aunty lg :D

and the ride there, jie :D

ping actually didnt bother posing. lol.

they remind me of minghan and i somewhat.

followed minghan to maybank for a bit later that afternoon.

i feel like a wife. -.-
but then again, guess who has a veeeery b-e-a-u-tiful maybank debit/atm card (with the pretty cherries) currently sitting in her wallet kekeke

as for what happened on wednesday,
scroll to the post below. ;)

on thursday night, we went to wang chiew for dinner.
the vege that i really don't like. ><

curry seafood and tofu.

deep fried pork knuckle.

chilli crab.

nestum salted egg crab O.o

my dad and minghan's favourite, cantonese fried noodles.

chantum and mommy. lol.

daddy, ping and jie.

after school on friday, suzen and i went to ou for lunch and to get presents for the late-august babies.
went to dave's since we coudnt decide where else to go.
suzen's bangs look damn cute on her but she hates it. =.=

fettucine bolognese with smoked pork sausages.

tomato sauce penne with bacon and mushroom.

suzen's smooch smooch. lol yuck.

suzenneh hunnehh :D

have i ever mentioned how cute avey's dog is? :)

will update on lynnette's birthday party later today or tomorrow. :)

always be my baby,