Friday, August 7, 2009

hey kids, it's been two years..

i just realised 3 minutes ago that i arrived at this time two years ago, from UK.
21st world scout jamboree 2007..

you know, i'd do anything to go again. or even better, to go BACK.
it's like, you can't believe that you've met so many people of difference faces, races, cultures and countries.. 2 weeks.

and no matter what, for some reason, we'd feel extra extra patriotic wherever we are.
telling people proudly you're from malaysia,
and getting a bit hot in the ears when people say "oh, you mean the one near singapore?"

mhmm. :)

of course, the bond you form with your fellow contingent mates're just some kinda special.


i still remember waking up to the sun at 4am,
running to the toilet 500 meters away in the freezing cold,
showering in the tiny cubicle with scalding hot water,
sleeping in the same tent as hueylin (who's stuff was EVERYWHERE) and victoria
rushing to get our food for the day at the warehouse place at 6am,
reading world jam papers every morning scouting out for malaysian faces,
hanging out with my patrol, hang kasturi, the rest of FC Sands contingent,
checking out the ang mo, korean, latino guys,
getting really peeved at the guys checking out the brazillian chicks LOL!
running around at least 9km a day doing activities (i came back fit and tanned yo!)
and just randomly saying hi to anybody anywhere, just cause it's got that friendly aura in the air.

sigh sigh sigh.
man, i miss those times..

may is very emo,