Sunday, August 2, 2009

standin in the lait of yoh hay lo OOh OOh.


went to amcorp mall before church last night.
there's this bazaar held every weekend and xiying has a stall there.
charis bought this bubble thing that was all the rage when i was like, 9.

she was furious when eekai burst her bubble, literally.

headed over to ANC after that.

penang lang! woowoo kaki lang la woi. i jakun.

miss ow, you owe me a bass lesson. ;)

the kids at ANC're really cute laaa.
future jiayeen.

joellllll :)))))

had yet another farewell for the wong family.

minghan you pigggg.
why the heck are you still so skinnyyyyy.

this one also. -.-

the rambutans in her plate looked damn random.

with michelle and rachelle.

the wongs. mmhmm.

they dropped by my place for me to clean up and pack.
charis played boxing with minghan and eekai.
she was reaaaaaly having fun wei that nut. -.-

stayed over at peckie's place cause we had to leave really early the next day for shah alam.
thanks peckie, really :)
watched he's just not that into you with her and her sister, and yinghan for a while.

and her mom bakes kickass.. stuff. i dont even know what these are.

went to sleep earlier than her, and apparently i was sleeptalking O.o
fresh looking peckie.. at 5 am in the morning. =.=

ticket :)

went to pick up adel, then headed to mei's place after that.
outside mei's house, 5.50 am.

mikki/micky didnt even bark at us. -.-

couldnt find the place initially but thank God we werent late.
saw a couple of form 4s, step liau, fanghao and kaisheng (who forgot my name -.-)

didnt take any pictures during the run. ><

after the race,
that pathetic cup of milo was totally not worth the wait la wei.

there were about 3000 people there. O.o

mei ahhh.
if i tell you that i'll teman you means i'll teman you okayyy. dont chase me away anymore.
and lol thanks for kinda believing my little tricks, even if it was just for one second. :P

all stinky, sweaty, but still steamingly sexayy.
oh ps, avey, yinghan, lihwen and pauline couldnt make it. :(

teehee so cute la the angmo baby.

thank you, uhm, chris/cheeweng/mei's bro for the ride there and back!

and you two, lemme know when's the next run :P

i honestly wouldnt mind going for another one of these marathons again.

rushed off to church after. i wasnt tired.. yet.
went to devi's for a drink before heading over to DU area to help out a bit with the newspaper recycling.

mark was damn high.. and hungry.

suzen and pline, on the way back to base.

mingyhannyhunny :D

headed over to d'tandoor for their official opening of their new branch.

the food was good. i loved the mutton. no kidding wei.

ice kacang. lol, i think the sugar evaporated or something.

sabreeeeeeena :D

uhm, is this like, a couple thing? -pline.

oh my shit its so HOOOOTTTTTT.

mark was still high even though we wasnt so hungry anymore.

keamsunn 'OHMYGAWD'

had to leave quite early though.

thanks amir, for inviting us. :)))

phew. i am tired.

i really can't thank him enough for everything.
:-* xoxo.

mizuno run, anybody? :D