Saturday, August 1, 2009

updates about SMKDU PROM 2009

Been M.I.A for awhile. But, we're now back with a great news!
We have managed to subsidize the price of the ticket. *claps and cheers*

The tickets are now priced at

RM 120 - DU-rians, ex DU-rians
RM 140 - Outsiders

For those who paid the RM 140 for the early ticket price, you can bring your receipt and collect your refund of RM 20 soon. Will be announced on the blog shortly.

Not to forget about the fact that we have actually set a new theme to the entire event.
Lifestyle of the Rich and Famous.

Any inquiries, please leave a comment HERE.

p.s. It's not that we do not want to reduce the price any further but it's tough getting companies to sponsor a school's prom night. So if any of you out there have parents who wouldn't mind sponsoring, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thanks.

*copied and edited from SMKDU PROM's blog.

we all can sing be merry
cause the price for both outsiders and DU students are dirt cheap.
but of course, we promise you not a dirt prom, on the otherhand an uberly awesome one.

oh, and did i mention,
spm's not gonna affect the date of our prom?
which, in case anyone's forgotten,
is the 18th of december at sheraton imperial at 7pm.

so i shall see you all there? ;)

hip hip hurray!