Saturday, August 22, 2009

evolution of maylim's hair

you know, i havent posted pictures of myself in a while, so bear with me just this once. ;)

i've never liked long hair very much, though i've had long hair for more than half of my life.
from cleopatra bangs to victoria beckham bobs,
i was never really 100% satisfied with my hair.
except that brief 3 month period between dec07 to march08 (middle pic). and sept 08.

so i went to natasha's mom on wednesday with minghan, without anyone's permission and without telling many people,
to get my hair cut.
snip snip snip.

that was a LOT of hair on the floor after she was done with me.

my hair looks like this now.
i can feel the wind on the back of my neck now. :D

still getting the hang of styling my hair with my awesome apple-scented wax.
and believe me, i need to style it or else i'll look like minghan. -.-

my mom and sister were.. mildly shocked.
my dad probably didnt notice. or care :P
and my friends're still taking a while to get used to it. heh.

i like it a lot. no kidding.
well more pictures of my hair coming.. soon i guess. ;)

jou, wadya think? :)

proper food updates coming!