Friday, August 7, 2009

guess who's back?

ping's back 10 days early, wanted to surprise my parents. lol

so i sneaked out of the house (after waiting a hundred years for my dad to go to work, my mom was still gettin ready to go to the office) at about 6.50 am, jie and mrs ong picked me up and headed over to klia.
new car! lol.

waited a bit for her to do all that airport nonsense.
'walau.. damn hot la...'
well she still acts and sounds malaysian.

demanded for kfc hot and spicy for breakfast when we got back to kl/pj.
it was 9 in the morning.
went to tesco, still closed.

went to the one at kota damansara,
which had nothing there though it was supposedly a 24 hour kfc.
had to wait for a bit for our food.
and they didnt even HAVE hot and spicy, they're doing the whole breakfast meal thing now.

pathetic.. PATHETIC.. ><

i kinda liked their breakfast wrap thingy.
hasbrowns, scrambled egg, chicken and cheese in a wrap.

mrs ong and jie.

heh. she was quite sleepy in the car, kept nodding off.

the power of love for food. makes the world such a happy place.

we were still hungry (cause the food at kfc was patheticly small) so we went to a coffee shop at aman suria near jie's house.
seafood porridge.

kuey teow soup.

prawn noodles/hokkien mee.

you guessed it.. she demanded for prawn mee too.

wasnt that hungry after THAT.

went to jie's house after that.
black macbook. T.T

they dropped me at home after that and i only saw them later at night.
the surprise was.. rather different from what we expected.

my sister turned off the video before my dad came running out of the toilet yelling (not exaggerating here).

i walk in my parent's room,
ping follows behind with the camera.
mom was on the bed, dad was in the shower.
ping calls my mom,
mom looks up and stoned at her.
(you can practically see the gears moving up there in her noodles)
mom looks at me.
mom reacts.
dad hears sister laughing dad runs out of toilet in a towel and yells

mhmm. we expected my dad to stone and my mom to react but oh well.

she's unpacking now. lol. lots and lots of addition (her clothes, not new ones) to my closet kekeke.

and thank you ping for the liqour chocolates :D

anddddddd dkny be delicious :))


...your winter attire for my trip to london at the end of the year.

polka lamanaaaa!