Monday, August 24, 2009

a weekend of birthdays.

on friday night,
went for lynnette's birthday party at her place.
happy belated birthday btw, :)

her mom went for a malaysian themed food.
got that kickass chicken from village park, and nasi lemak.


dessert wasnt malaysian in the slightest bit though ;)
konyaku jelly. mmmm.

oh and there was chocolate fondue too. :D
marshmallows and banana.

the other stuff to be dipped.. see the chocolate fondue machine at the back?

obviously it was something rather popular among us kids.
owen. i honestly think he dresses very much like minghan.


mark and his sticks. gahahaha he's got two, zen xD

so we sat and ate for most of the earlier part of the party.
damn you horny old men. tsk.
lol at owen.

lynnette's sister, chenchen giving out chocolates, i think.

lynnette's mom teaching the guys how to make shaped balloons.

jiashen giving me sexy.

haris giving me super sexy.

and chenchen giving me ultra sexy.

we started playing i have never after that.
not many of them were up for the game cause the concoction lynnette and i cooked up was totally disgusting.

chocolate fondue, pepsi, orange soda, sarsi, pure lemon juice, marshmallows, konyaku jelly, bananas, oranges, bread, apples andddd...

satay sauce.

we couldnt make it past a second circle. some puked and lost their apetites.
i'm really sorry. heh.

at least we didnt use mustard like lynnette's mom suggested okay ><

took a while for people to recover.
russeellll vladmir neeraj.

hmm. eleanor.

they played twister after that.

as usual,
twister starts off pretty innocently.

and then, they end up in the most uncomfortable positions.
like neeraj in the picture, for example.

mhmm. poor russell.

urged lynnette to open her presents after that :P
her present from suzen, mark, hazel, owen, yeehua, minghan and i.

demi lovato cd,
cupcakes recipe book,
and the golden book of 300 recipes for chocolate.

i bet she liked her presents this year horr.

lynnette started playing the guitar upon request. haha.

matt played the guitar and we started singing along.

he said i've been to the year 300
not much has changed, but they live underwater
and your great-great-great granddaughter
is pretty fineee. - year 3000 by busted

bring back so many memories, aye hazel? :)

haris, mark, neeraj, choonhon and yeehua looking at hazel i think.

di mana ada parti dan kamera,
di situ tentu ada camho'.

the keledang chiqs and i.

keyao, esther, serena, lynnette and yanleng.

haris, owen, ian, lynnette and matt.

zen and jenn.

suzen, jenn and hazel.

russel and hazel.

and again.

hazel and nauwar.

yeehua and hazel.

jenn and nauwar.

hazel and choonhon.

choonhon and yeehua.

owen and nauwar.

jenn and nauwar again.

keyao and i.

the oon family.

the girls.

the guys.. and the two mangkuks at the back.

and everybody. :)

hope you had fun :)


had my "last driving lesson" for the second time,
this time with suzen.
and mr fung asked me to sit in the font while she drove and vice versa.
never had such a good laugh in a long time :)

haha. he was twirling his umbrella the whole way.

went to ou with zen and mark first to help them pick a present for mei.
thanks for letting me be a very bright lamp post for a good hour or so ;)

met up with the others after that.
mei's new sneakers from ashvin, cheryl, minn, munyi and i.
they're prettyyy.

mei's totally into shoes now.

took us super long to decide where we wanted to eat,
cause it was 7pm and not to mention it was dinner during puasa month.

so everywhere we went was packed.

finally decided to go to subway.

haha. havent been there in a while.

where a few minutes later...

cheryl and minn showed up with mei's cake,
with the candles already half melted. lol ;)

heh. we started singing to mei.. and some random stranger behind us.

hmm, was it me or were the sandwiches there not very kickass that night?

i felt very odd in a dress. lol.

somehow along the way, cake got stuck in cheryl's hair.

lol. cheryl's look of horror when minn dragged the cake on her hair.. priceless.

eRin Wong!

jian and cathryn.

we kinda conquered the whole front part of subway and made one hell of a mess.
probably the biggest crowd they've ever got.

oh and we sat opposite the new pet shop, petsmore.
like chipsmore, y'know? right munyi?
there was a very violent raccoon and a very stoned gopher. lol.

although it might not have turned out the way you wanted it to,
we all love you and you know it, mei. :)
if you don't, well now you know. ^^

on another note,
shoot me for being vain and full of myself.

oh and another thing,
does anyone have the following albums and would be ever so kind to lend them to me? :D

` lady gaga - the fame
` katy perry - one of the boys
` fall out boy - folie a deux and from under the cork tree
` we the kings
` boys like girls (all albums)
` jason mraz - we sing, we dance, we steal things
` taylor swift - fearless

pretty pretty please with a bow round the middle and a cherry on top :D

on a slightly more gloomy note,
i failed 3 point turn again,
this time due to my own pig-headed stupidity.

i shall have an extra driver as of next week. ;)

i have no idea how fast i'm gonna get over it this time round.