Wednesday, August 5, 2009

i shall bid farewell to friday movie nights :(

since trials (13 days) AND SPM (15 weeks) are coming up and i have no excuse but to STUDY MY FREAKING ASS OFF
(no i'm not kidding, and if you're form 5 and if you havent started, finish reading this post then go STUDYY)
i have no choice but to cut down on all the movies and going out and makaning sessions (nuuuuu :((((() for the next 4 months.

went out with minghan right after school to watch the proposal.
*margaret climbs down ladder onto dock*
andrew: congratulations. i am now a hundred years old.

it was relatively funny but it didnt make me wanna laugh till i wanted to cry
or till the whole cinema to turn around to stare at minghan laughing.

went to grab some paste at dave's. havent been there in a long, long time.
bolognese smoked pork sausage penne.

we werent really hungry so we shared a plate of pasta.

went to sun moulin bakery across dave's cause minghan wanted a bun.

got their mini treats. heh.

looks like an oompa loompa.

went to watch ghost of girlfriends past after that.
i definitely prefer this to the proposal, hands down! :)

jenny: if you do anything to distract from her wedding, i will sneak into your room in the middle of the night and cut off youre favourite appendage.
conor: now the first part sounds nice...
jenny: i can make it look like an accident honey, dont push me.

yup so it's not much going out for me after this.
spm sucks. -.-
guess you can say i'm on semi-hiatus from now on.

oh and listen to this, i assure you, it's worth your 4 minutes.
one of the best i've heard on youtube ever, sam tsui.
credits to mei for giving me the link ;)

i'm starting with the man in the mirror