Tuesday, August 4, 2009

oh my lovely garciaa

went for dinner with the ho's on sunday night at .99 steakhouse.
hainanese chicken chop.

king's burger.

grilled chicken

chicken mushroom carbonara.

olive oil spaghetti with chicken and mushroom.

nearly takau-ed with the waitress. we waited an hour for our food, and the people sitting next to us came later and got their food first. and they only had 2 waitresses, and the restaurant was full. how can like that laaa.
we all know where i'm not going for a long long time. -.-

aunty chooi kuan and mingyue.

mingli and uncle hok seng.

sit in front of the mirror and learn how to smile in pictures you stupid boy!

mei and siewmun kept talking about pasembur (indian rojak) over the last two days, and i had a werid craving for it though i never really liked it much.
minghan, mingyue and i went to the one right opposite shall station at zaaba.

mingyue hates corn in cendol too. lol.

minghan still prefers the cendol at taman bahagia lrt.

but i still prefer this one. heh.

tapaued a packet of pasembur and headed to minghan's place.
can you imagine eating pasembur without the sauce? bleurgh.


mhmm. WITH sotong.
*beams with satisfaction
amir called me fat :(