Thursday, August 27, 2009

IBA Unplugged 2009

in the midst of my unannounced semi-hiatus,
just a mini announcement.

IBA Unplugged 2009 is this saturday, 29th august!
3pm -approx. 6pm.
Shah Alam Gospel Centre.

it's an inter church-band competition, but EVERYBODY's invited.
it's not a church service or mass or whatever,
just like your everyday IR/IU day.

PLUS, it's FreeOfCharge yo! :)

and a BIGGER PLUS, (for me anyway)
antioch network community's (my church) band is playing, which means..
minghan'll be playing. :)

do come and support. heh.
if you wanna come and need transport,
just let me know by 8pm, friday night and i'll see what i can do.

but, if you wanna head over on your own,
here's a map for you.

come early though, or the good seats'll be taken up. heh.

oh and not forgetting,
happy birthday kenvern and aunty ivy! :D

see you there (for real this time),