Wednesday, August 12, 2009

makan makan :D

the main agenda now that my sister's back: eating!
(much to my utter delight. lol)
went to checkers on friday night with ping, jie and moozie. daggles joined us a bit later.

checkers don't have much variety, so we ordered the standard must haves.
galette, mini pizza.


checkers expensive mushrooms. lol. no kidding.

aglio olio pasta

pork ribs and sausage.

blue mackeral

jamaican chicken! :D

and rum cendol for dessert. heh.


and jie.

had beefball noodles the next day for lunch.
yummy yummyyy.

can't believe she agreed to have beef ball noodles.
(she's a fish person you see)

jie, moozie and daggles.

and dr edward too.

oh btw,
congrats to dr ed and jean!

this is ezaq, born at 12.17 on 07.08.09. haha.

went to the florist to get them something small before visiting jean and ezaq at the hospital.

hmm O.o

later at night,
minghan and i went to lake gardens club for jade's birthday party.
the card/registration table outside the hall.

finally got to meet her after so long.
lol. sorry for being so under dressed ><

jade and minghan.
"eh your birthday or you getting married ah???"

dinner was alright, but mainly cause i wasnt feeling too good and i wasnt in much of a mood to eat.
watched a couple of volunteers play some kinda game.

"how did you get to know jade?"
"what is one thing you know about her that you think no one else knows?"
"what is your fondest memory of jade?"

mhmm. everyone kept going on about how awesome her voice is,
so i youtubed her. and they weren't exaggerating. lol.

happy 21st, jade! :)
so sorry for leaving so early.. ><

it's so cool! i want a party like that one day. :D

hint hint, minghan. ;)

went to taman seputeh (near mid valley/old klang road) for some seafood.
i still prefer defoodland. hmph.

bmeh. i dont like this veggie.



some kinda fish.

heh mantau.

kickass curry prawns.

crab with salted egg.

funky tasting kinda crab. hmm.

one happy ping.

mommy, daddy, and kh.

ben, lilian and mommy.

ping and jie. lol.

this is so josh groban.

more makan coming up! lol.

p/s: happy birthday pn anisha and yuanzhen!