Monday, August 17, 2009

banyak emo benemo

yup, i failed my driving test.
well i failed the circuit, passed the road test but still,
doesnt count as a pass.

i was reaaaaly worried that i wouldnt even get past the slope as they've moved the yellow line further back,
more on the slopey side than the flat part and i only got to practice about 4 times on the new slope.
and i passed it. yippee. -.-

i passed the parking too. double yippee.

i failed the three point turn.
and the best part is,
i failed the 3 point turn.. as i was coming out of the box.
meaning to say, i was already freaking DONE with it.

all i needed was a stupid kancil with faulty brakes and accelerators to fail this.
and that's where my car stopped.
where the tyres were RIIIIIIGHTTTTT behind the yellow line.

at least i got some sympathy from the jpj guys.
not so much from mr fung though. i think he grew a few more bunches of white hair.

who the hell fails 3 point turn unless their car sucks?

well at least i passed my road test =.=

i'm super geram.
its like, if only i could've panicked 5 seconds later,
i would've passed.

i've been emo the whole day. -.-

sigh sigh.
ah well, at least we'll be together next monday, aye? :)

but, congrats david! hahha.
thanks for the encouragement, no. 14. :)

until next monday then -.-