Saturday, January 17, 2009

"..and i fell right through your craaccckkk.."

school's been a bore..
i think some of us still aren't used to it.

the leos came over to my place yesterday night for their last committee dance practice.

yoke is.... dotz. no comment.

followed the dance group (suzen, lynnette, serene, yoke, mark and neeraj) and the music people (minghan and mei) to akarkarya at about 9.45. stayed till about 11.40-ish.
jou came as a kelefe. so did munyi and mingyue.

oh what am i talking about. i was a kelefe too.

hellz yeah. for you people who're missing out on Make Some Noise, you're gonna regret it. 
so head over to KDU college at 2pm TOMORROW and check the awesome performances out laaa.

went to jasima for supper with minghan after that.
their godlike cheese naan doesnt taste so good at night, 
maybe my uncle mamak was tired or something. 
oh and he had soft boiled eggs, and i swear to god, i nearly puked out the million and one pineapple tarts i had before leaving my house.

oh and cheryl left me a message in my camera.
no, that's not the present yet.

i love you too cheryl. ;)

i feel so used..