Tuesday, January 27, 2009

ox, cow, bull, semua sama juga lah!

i'm so tired. @@"".
thank god we get to sleep in tomorrow.

outfit for today:

babydoll top from plaza damas.
black pants, which arent new, from miss selfridge.

went out for breakfast with my dad's childhood friends.

pai tee/top hats.

loupakkor/yam cake.

siew yoke/ roasted pork belly.

loh mee. bleugh.

and curry mee.
just looking at the coagulated blood makes me drool. i waaaanttt :(

moozie and daggles.

errr forgot his name, sorry!

uncle po seng and err. ahhh sorry, forgot her name too. grace and adrian's parents.

uncle chuan lock, =.= forgot her name too, sorry, and emily.

sat down and listened to them talk from about 8.30 till 11.30 at the coffeeshop.
can you imagine us doing that next time? O.o

went to my dad's 4th aunt's place after that.

she puts a bottle full of dried longans for me every year cause she knows its my favourite. :)

and as usual, all the attention was on ting. just the way she likes it.

hey uncle shyang guey, they miss you, hurry back homee!

us with qing (ching? king?) kuma and her family.

headed over to my dad's cousin's place after that for some homecooked lunch.

oh boy.

jiu hu char.

curry chicken.

kickass home made yongtaufoo.

chicken balls.

one of man's greatest creations in the kitchen: pepper pig stomach soup.
i think i had like 3 bowls. heh.

uncle keesoon and his family.

and the rest of us. :D

i absolutely love this picture.
such lil sweeties. :D

nicholas kept bouncing about with the ball which was twice his size.

lil boy on a lil bicycle.

and they have the gun and wheel thing for the wii. no fair.

and suddenly, there're so many males in the family.

went to ahma's place after that.

jumbo sized cards. damn cool.

as usual, they did their blackjack thing.

my gengchow gambling 80+ year old ahma.

and my aunt cooked this specially for me :D
shyuin lat choy/chai boey/spicy vegetables soup?

guess who fell asleep again.

oh and june got a new dog.

hiro the maltese.

aaaahhhhhhh sooooooo cccccuuuuuttttteeeeee

daddy i wantt oneeeee.

jacq likes hiro too :D

uncle teik ee wanted to treat us to dinner that night,
and since we didnt make any reservations in advance, all the chinese restaurants were fully booked.
so guess where we had dinner again. =.=

sweet mother of christ, no more, please, no more i say!

kevin playing taptap.
jou, i've finally found someone who gets lower scores than you do :P

following eekong's foosteps: using his hands.

ivan :D

me and aunty mon.

a very camera shy tessa and jacq.

me and ivan.

since most of the stalls at new world park's food court were opened,

we decided to have some of that famous swatow lane ice kacang.

hey, told you she likes attention.

woo. extra atapchi, please and thank you! :D


i was happy.

the adults.

i had no idea he was lactose intolerant. poor guy.

told you she's camera shy.

*squishes cheeks*

I brought apologies I've tied in a bouquet
Just to find out that my face had been replaced
Deceived, it was a breeze,
I was tossed to the street.

wearing thin down to the core,