Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"SEI HOI LAAAAA", says cheryl.

such a sweet girl.

jason mraz, live in kl.
wednesday, 4th march 2009 @ 8pm.
stadium negara, kl.
RM 68, 88, 138, 168, 208, 258.

why are all the good concerts held this year?
why? why?? WHYYYY?!


first troop of the year.
the f2s. 

guess who's back? and is leaving again but that doesnt count.

"what if you GAGAAAALLL???!!"

went to mosin for lunch with the scouts.
keyao, natasha and aiklynn.

plinee and zu.

the thorn among the roses.

serena was angry cause we didnt go to nana's. 

haihz. i miss camporee.

"you know they said that if you can fold the straw with your tongue, you're a good kisser."
some things never change la.

yam seng. awesome.

people seem to like falling asleep on my bed.

oh and to continue the kuning spirit..

i am so retarded it's not funny.
guess what i stole from the den kekeke. 
matches the background sumore.
chilling serena. i'll give you your money. :P

nennenpok!- says jou