Wednesday, January 21, 2009

lag post

mei, minghan and nikki.
i'm yours- jason mraz.

--just a while ago--

i can't keep up with my blog anymore.

last sunday, while the leos were at the leprosy centre,
mei, jou, cheryl, siew mun, jo, esther, renee and i
went to subang for some basketball tournament sponsored by jasmine.
you know. the rice brand?

stupid banners which contained the heat in the covered court -.-

got there at about 8.30.

stoned around for a while.

oh and since jasmine were the sponsors, we got free rice and vermicelli (meehoon).
or maybe that was part of the 18bucks we paid, i dunno.

mei and i had lots of red dot paus (charsiewpau) that day.


the opening ceremony at 9 lasted about 3 minutes, where some guy rambled on in mandarin.
since our match was at 2.30, we decided to go to summit usj to stone for a bit.

cheryl looked like one of those homeless people.

at mcd's.

at garden cafe.

when we got back to the court at 2,
it was...

like, really.

the match was delayed by about help an hour.
they won againts sri kdu but lost againts SU.

oh and btw,
ALL the cabs in subang
bloody con money one la.

went to sri siam at ss2 that night with my parents, chantum and aunty laygaik.

for some strange reason, my dad was craving for yee sang.

weird tasting tomyum.

kerabu mango.

kailan with salted fish.

kickass green curry (albeit a bit on the watery side)

belacan sotong. wooo. damn awesome.

pandan chicken.

i remember having sashimi yee sang a year ago..

oh and we have a rising star..

tan peh-ung.
foh eh ve eh ve eh ve, foh eh ve eh ve eh ve
apparently our german speaking culinary arts student coach sings too.

currently sitting at home sucking on good ol' difflam.
man my throat's such a bother.
probably the earliest i've skipped in a year all my life.

this is just the half life,