Sunday, January 11, 2009

what your flava, tell me whats your flava, oOoOhHhH!

haha currently listening to whats your flavour by craig david.
went to cheryl's house after school on friday.
jou ahhh. oh the gluttony.

and peeko (eebo?) is slightly bigger and much cuter now :D

yesterday was a pretty busy day.
spent the earlier part of the day in the dentist and my mom's office.
went to DU for some IR day performer's briefing/commitee meeting/dance practice from 1-6pm.
lion chu. havent seen the guy in a while.

and jia shen was there as well. 
i have about 295 burst shots of him, but i found this the funniest. xD

oh and when i say dance practice, i meant follow suzen. not me dancing.
at serene's house.
yoke was making pooh do the solja boy. and a lot of other things.

yoke's belly has a face. =.=

halfway through,
markC's right leg suddenly cramped up.
and a few seconds later...
his left leg crampeded up too.
somehow, this picture reminds me of one part in the other boleyn girl.
yea that part. i see jou and munyi laughing at the screen now.

later that night,
went for dinner at royal selangor yacth club, pulau ketam 
with dr ed, jean, ben, fiona, kh, lilian, daddy and mommy.

wanted to catch the sunset but we got lost. 
that's the best we've got.

ben, dr ed, daddy and mommy.

the musician there was really good.
coincidentally (or not), he played all my dad's favourite songs.

i'm not really sure about the names of the dishes so yeah. enjoy.
that vege thing.

fried chicken.

the kid's fried rice.


black pepper beef.


kickass assam fish.

some tofu vege thing.

vege and mushrooms.

kangkung belacan.

tomyum soup.

fried banana fritters with vanilla ice cream.

longan jelly.

kh, fiona, jean and lilian.

mommy, daddy, ben and dr ed.

the kid's table.

*lilian, if you see this, do let me know what the twin's names are. can't seem to grasp chinese names anymore. :P

ira, ethan and one of the twins.

dr ed and ethan.

ira and jean.


eh stripes too. lol.

ben teaching ethan how to take pictures.
started roaming around taking pictures of everything after that.
tried to teach him how to camwhore but he wouldnt let me.

ah well at least i tried.
need to teach them early okay.

oh and did i mention that the place was by the pulau ketam jetty?
mei, would you?

they have a sailing academy there. quite the cool lo.

the twins :)

ethan with one..

and ethan with the other.

alamak. if a love triangle forms, i dont wanna see where it goes.

she said, "what"?