Wednesday, January 7, 2009

jOjO fAaAaAaNnNNnNgGgGG!!!!!!

mei randomly called me in the evening and told me that "we" were coming over.
so yeah, they came to stone at my house. :)

..god knows why they like my house, it's so stoned.

we watched kungfu panda and house bunny.

reliving munyi's fear of the meiyin hip thrust.

oh and took my chinese new year clothes to show jou,
and they started playing dress up.
my vest from fluer de lis :P

mei in my cny pyjamas and vest. lollollol

and these two idiots are in denial,
they refusre to accept the fact that they have parkinsons'.
thinking about it hey?

see what i mean. tsk.

jOuJoU LeEeE LaUuU ShHhHiIiIiI!!!
lol has anyone watched ah long pt. ltd xD


eh. your red eye damn scary wei.

munyi was quite the grumpy cause we kept standing in front of the tv.


woooh lisa yeoh.

leonid le magnifico from america's got talent is hilarious.
sounds like borat.
and the chinese boys and kiddies in the audience are getting freaked.

and a moment of truth is such a stupid show.
what a way to ruin people's lives.

sieu minn's innocently obscene monkey pen.

--just a while ago--

rihanna, live in KL.
Friday, February 13, 2009
8:30pm - 11:30pm
Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil
how much?
RM 128, 158, 198, 288, 328.

i wanna go. like. really.
daddy? :D

--earlier today--

aik lynn is awesome.
ah you know you love me lots. :D

there's so much homework it's not even funny.
and its only the 3rd bleeping day of school.

i like the waaAaAaY you mOoOOooVvVveEeEE,