Thursday, January 29, 2009

'tis this season to be fatties and eat them cookies, falalalalalalalala~

it was a really slow and lazy day today.

woke up at about 8 cause my parents and chantum were leaving for kl then.
went back to sleep and didnt wake up till about 11. :D

outfit for today:

red top from online blog, a fashion obsession.
shorts from esprit.
honestly my favourite pieces of clothing among all the new clothes i got. :D

went to the airport after that cause koko and uncle soon cheng was going to phuket.

oh yeah,now i can tell why people say she's exactly like me.

have a safe slight, koko and uncle soon cheng! :)

went for a late lunch at island glades after that.

eema and eekong.

aunty mon, ting, kaka and eema.

kevin, aunty joolee and jacq.

apom manis.

muar chee. :DDDDD

woo assam laksa. kickass kickasss.

fishball noodles.

char kuay teow.

wantan mee.

a treat from her daddy.

went home after that and moved our stuff from the guest house to koko's room.

thankyou, mommy and daddy for forgetting to bring this home. :D
it's shopping timeeee!!!!

aunty mon wanted to make some ondeh ondeh,
then qing kuma dropped by with my dad's cousins.

heh. i think my whole family's damn cute.

they were watching us roll ondeh ondeh.

the master chef, aunty mon, who taught us how to make them.

ever seen purple ondeh ondeh? :D

we had 4 colours:-
orange, using carrot juice
purple, using beetroot juice
green, using pandan juice
and just the plain white.

first batch, yummy yummy :D

we were gonna celebrate jacq's birthday a few days earlier cause on her birthday itself i'd be gone. so we decided to have a small poolside party.

would you believe me when i say..
that the domino's guy doesnt know where our place is?
that he doesnt know where the racecourse/turf club is?
that he doesnt know where the penang governor's house is?


lazed around for a bit, then the pizzas arrived.

on all those boxes, it said, "deliver to MR. May Lim".
i'm feeling so offended right now.

setting up the food downstairs by the pool.

someone was hungry.

tessa, me and jacq.

ivan, kevin, and ivan's cousin, eugene.

aunty guatpoh and aunty joolee.

birthday girl with eekong and eema.

birthday girl and i.

kebinnnnn :D

tessa, she's growing up pretty quick now.

and ivan, who was my companion for the whole night cause we didnt go in the pool.

the ones who wanted to, uhm, get wet.

eugene fell asleep on the deck chair while ivan and i sat by the pool and watched them foll around playing water tag.

oh and aunty joolee joined them as well. and got pushed in.

went back up, waited for them to clean up.

cake cutting time! :D

some kinda chocolate cake.

the birthday girl with her mommy and brother.

me, aunty guatpoh, tessa, jacq, ivan, aunty joolee, and kevin and ting at the botton.

kaka, aunty mon, jacq and ting.

kids tend to think that it's their birthdays at everyone's birthday celebrations.

at the moment, they're watching don't mess with zohan.

dear lord, my EYES.

Winter wonderlands were made for romances
I've let go, gonna take these chances
I came home welcomed back by the lights
Left my heart to accompany your nights

but you're just a boy,