Sunday, January 18, 2009


i'm so bloody tired.

Make Some Noise.
if you missed out on this, wooh, your loss. :)
got to KDU's hall at about 8.30 with zen and lynnette.
helped the committee decorate the hall and stuff.

and my, oh my, ladders are an awful scare.

yanleng thinks she's damn cool.

by 9, the performers started arriving for their sound check, but the dj was late.
jiashen and nikki're awesome.

ben and victor fighting over nikki's ukelele.

i really liked how the musicians clicked really well with each other.

at about 1, we all changed to our proper attire for the event.
at the ticketing counter outside the hall...
head of deco. kudos to her.

natasha, keyao, yiyuan, yanleng, and khaiweng heh.

louis is awesome :D

suzenneyhunney and mark before things started getting hectic.

peiji and bryan, an old school friend :)

when people started arriving..

at the badges counter.
oh and btw,
whoever who designed the badges *psst not you jou xP, great job!

the committee dancer's last practice before the event.

when people started filling the hall, they had the usual leo pledge and stuff like that.
jia shen and jien (yeah, the disney buzz and cheer guy), our emcees for the event.

i didnt really take pictures of the performers, mostly videos..
this is all i have for now,
if you're waiting for videos, do be patient;
it's not my fault streamyx sucks :)

first up was the committee dance, (video coming up!)
then was mei, minghan and mingyue's performace, (video coming up!)
then it was nikkiii!
sang a few songs, i'm not too sure which ones tho.

sherwin and nikki! :D
live your life- TI and rihanna.

right after that,
nikki, minghan and mei, (video coming up!)
and ice cold morning, (video coming up!)

suilun, who dedicated 2 songs on the piano to "her".
woo. he was damn. DAMN. good.

had a short intermission after that.
damn alot of food.
kickass pastries man, seriously.
mark, head of F&B, xoxo!

camwhore time. :P
ice cold morning, you guys did a great job :)

yanleng, keyao and serena. :D

tsk. interacts. :P

jou and neeraj, the "golden couple".

minghan was hungry.
oh and he wants to give the person who made the apple strudles a hug. (?)

peishi camera shy. and jou.

jou again.

madam cajon, who rocked the crowd.

cheryl, who, as usual, "didnt feel pretty today."


i liked munyi's top. heh.

..i look very much like someone else in this pic..

eh. joo where were you :(

FINALLY got a decent picture with cs.

ditto wein.




jia shen, mr emcee of the night.

ben looking a bit scary here.

eh did you do something to your hair =.=

suzenneyhunnehhh, who managed to pull things off pretty well that night :)

toitoi :D

trixha, i will not bend like that anymore okay?



and jian! ahha.

suting, jane, yuanzhen (gg damn tallll) and peishi :)

yokeyee and melinda.

okay la last one already la
nic, thank you for coming :)
now you owe me 17 bucks -.-

after the intermission,
they had this thing called drum circle.
47 drums/bells/err more drums and cymbals were set up in a circle,
and the audience got a chance to make their own noise :)
kudos to ronwyn (i think) :)
quite the cool.

haha, cheryl's damn cute.

mei too. :D


no i'm not kidding.

"if you're really desperate to play an instrument, i've got these!" -ronwyn.

the lucky draw was a bit the potong stim la.

anxious crowd. mhmm.

lynn on the err hu, some classical chinese instrument.

oh and they had this omega leo who could do the beatbox. damn geng.
(video coming up!)
kabuki breakerz, (video coming up!)

boogeyjamaz ROCKED!!!!

gravity crew.

the committee's cha cha slide.
..which was damn fun!
and also got the crowd to the dance floor! :)

btw, how do you chacha real smooth? =.=

tofu quarterbacks! <3
sherwin we love youuu!!! :D
fall out boy- the takerover, the break's over.
greenday- wake me up when september ends
jimmy eat world- the middle.

some really lame random impromptu thing while waiting for the next act.

and the last act of the night,

one red paperclip! :D
the cab- one of those nights.
taylor swift- love story.
paramore- decode.

and everyone got in the dance floor, some on the stage after that.
i had fun. maybe a bit too much.
but my feet/4inchheels nearly killed me the next day -.-

this isnt the whole committee but yeah.
one word.

congrats for pulling it off guys! :)

i was not naked, btw =.=.

live your life,