Thursday, January 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Yoke!

it's been a good 14 years of friendship :)

went to charms for lunch.
somewhere near dsh, the row of shops behind dk court.

according to cheryl, it's the same one in ou.
but the food here tastes a lot better.

birthday boy in his new shirt with a big big grin. :D

rumah birus.
ashvin, mei and renee.

sieuminn emo at the corner there.

ed and cheryl.


jou and yoke.

sirap bandung, damn that takes me back..

the food there was not bad, and the price was quite reasonable too.

penang rojak.

fried wantan.

kickass spicy gizzy, which is actually chicken gizzard.

ed's tomyum fried rice.

renee's pan mee.

jou and mei's salted fish fried rice.

jou and mei's assam laksa.

munyi's yong chow fried rice.

ashvin's vegetarian charkuayteow.
sieuminn had that, without all the vege.

my tomyum spaghetti.

yoke's nasi goreng pattaya.

and their ice kacang was pretty kickass. :D

ah jouu.

haha cheryl.


later that night, i went to this new place in ou with my mom.
garden cafe.

and boy do they live up to their name..

i. love. the. deco. there. like. zomgwtfbbq. (?)

soooo prettyyyyyyyy..

it's right next to hangten, behind the escalator.
oh and it's linked to voir gallery.
you won't miss it. really.

my mom's soda green apple.

my soda rose.

complimentary h20cress soup.

vongole. i like.

my mom's marinara, which was apparently very tasty.
..and she rarely eats something without complaining so yeah. kickass :D

red apple sorbert for dessert.
whoa. awesome shizznitz.

the best part, the price is quite reasonable as well.
what, around 20 bucks-ish for a steak and stuff like that.
jou, i think you'd like the place. :)

mumsie dear :D

woo. sometimes, i just love it when chantum's not around. :P

chinbabi strikes again!

i vant niu shuzzz.