Saturday, January 3, 2009

new year's with m&m - day 3, 4 and 5.

eh don't blame me for not updating okay. 
they didnt have wireless in our rooms at cws, 
so it's 3 days' worth of pictures here, 
and you know how i am with my camera.


on the 30th, we left my grandmother's place for ipoh.
unceremoniously awoken once again.

my grandmother insisted on this picture.
psst, if anyone was wondering about where my sister and i got our picture-taking fetish from, 
i'm pretty sure i got it from my dad's parents. 

i still think ting is damn cute :)
lil sleepy head.

i really think she and jou're related somehow.

mwaxmwax you lil ting. 
i'll see you in 22 days time.

dropped by ghee hiang, a shop thats famous for their beh teh saw biscuits.
mei got a few boxes for her family as well.


went for breakfast down the road after that.
roti canai.

kickass yee mee.

sar hor fun.

hokkien mee.

char kuey teow.

one whole clan of left handers :P
daggles, moozie, me, munyi.

and poor little right hander.
ahaha. mei :)

parents took a short drive around town and headed for the ferry.
i think it was the first time i've ever gone on one from penang to the mainland.
as usual, mei was "scared".

on the ferry :)

so it was a 2 hour ride from penang to ipoh.
i think mei got jealous with all that attention munyi was giving the itouch or something.

finally reached ipoh, and had some lunch.

technology. tsk.

kiam chai, methinks.

pig's ears :D

bakuteh. quite the cheap lo.

it was another 30 minute drive to clearwater sanctuary resort.
thank you daddy for stopping the car for me to take this :P

though check in time was supposed to be at 2pm, 
our rooms were only ready at 3. =.=

from the front, our water chalets.

and the back :)

we got the king sized bed :D

i think the room was damn comfortable lo.

gangster daddeh.
eh that couch thing was damn comfortable okay, 
slept there on the last night :D

munyi, mei and cheryl*.

changed and went to err, explore around the area.
it's so nice and peaceful there. 
like new zealand or something, just with more mozzies.

view from the poolside.

ahha my mother in my/mei's basketball pants.

..munyi looks like she's singing hymns or something.

kiddie pool!

m&m by the other lake.
if i'm not mistaken they have 3 lakes or something like that.

heh. reminds me of taiping.
whats with perak and the extraordinary scenery eh.

so the first thing we did was kayaking.
since each kayak seats 2 people max, mei got one to herself.

my parents. hahahahahahahahaha.

munyi and i.

we were having a great time, racing and stoning around the lake for a good hour or so,
lol mei's face when she saw it, priceless.
we got out immediately after that.

we went back to our room to change into shoes, but it started pouring so we stayed in.
watched mr magorium's magical emporium on star movies.

took a shower,
and fell asleep before dinner.

by then, a few of my dad's friends have already arrived at cws.
drove out to ipoh town to have dinner.

mun cheong, or "man jong", as how KH pronounced it.

dr edward, jean, and dr shih pei.

mommy, daddy, KH, and dr. edward.

i think i've had enough of this vege. seriously.

sweet and sour fish.

pork ribs.

steamed white chicken.

very very BIG prawns.

some lotus vegetable thing.

steamed fish.


mei, munyi and the alcohol.

went abit sotsottei in the room after that,

started taking pictures of each other 
and trying to freak munyi out with err, hip thrusts or something like that.

woke up pretty early the next day cause we booked a boat at 8am to do some fishing.
of course, we were late.

had breakfast first though. buffet style.

lol we all looked pretty sleepy didnt we.

went on our sampan with a fishing rod and rowed our boat to the middle of the same lake.

the main reason why we all have weird tan lines now.

dr edward and ethan. :DDDD

so after sitting in the middle of the lake for about an hour not catching anything,
we decided to go back to the boathouse cause the other kids, much to mei's annoyance, seemed to have caught a few fishes there.

and yeah, we caught stuff alright :)
munyi caught 3 fishes O.o
i still want to catch a boot. like in the cartoons you know?
aww munyi, so cute.

it pierced through the eye, ewww dammit.

i caught one fish. heh.

mei caught hydrilla.
yer. i don't like fishing la.

went back to our room to rest a bit.

parents decided to go to ipoh town again, for lunch.
tweedledee and tweedledum.
LOL wild childdd!!!

dropped by my salted chicken place to get a box.

it's awesome shizznitz okay.

the next time you go to ipoh,
no. 24, jalan theatre,
30300 ipoh.

ipoh white coffee.

ipoh hor fun.


hakka mee.

da kao. xD

drove back to cws.
spotted this road sign in the area.

THAT was counted as minute compared to the one we saw at the lake okay.

went to try out some golfing after that.
150 balls run out quite fast okay.
haha munyi looks so BimbO.

venetia and dominic's daughter, rachel, wanted to give it a try.

daddy. lol.

oh and they had bicycles there too.

yeah, THOSE kind.

they had normal ones as well though.

spotted phal and jane at the archery place.

played some tennis in the light drizzle.

and omg, i sucked so BAD.
i keep whacking the ball out of the court.

started pouring again after that,
so we ran back to our room in the rain.
yeah, munyi ran! :D
cleaned up and got ready for our new year's dinner.

the theme was sports,
yeah. very cute.

we forced munyi into wearing my running gear 
and my mom chucked my dad's squash and badminton racquets at her.

she looks pretty sporty right?



cream of corn and garlic bread. really liked the soup.


fried rice and mee hoon.

curry chicken.


fish and sausages.

beef and lamb. *yumm.

chicken and potatoes.


mango and sago pudding.

eh, IMHO i think the food was quite good lo.

the kakaks who prepared the food for us.

munyi and mei giving me the eye.
cause they were practically the only one there who dressed according to the theme.

daddy and dr ed, by the beer place.

jane and phal, who colour coded themselves.

the adults.

mommy on the cajon. lol.

kids looked bored lol.

speaking of which...
there were so. SO. many kids there.

one of the twins.

ranen and ira, i think.

ethannnn!!! :D

with phal.

mei, matthew, ethan, and dominic.


he liked the cajon.

he even followed her when she took it to be kept.

lil flying boy.


hmm didnt catch their names. KH/fiona's kids.

lilian and the twins.

phal and dr honbin/ dr shihpei's daughter.

ranen again.

lol looked like they were demanding for liquor or something.

oh and it was matthew's birthday too!
happy bday kid :)

oh and here's a minor reminder for you people out there..

don't abuse alcohol,

or you'll end up like this:

or this:

or this:

or this:

lol. khidir's theory about kids and drunkards, completely dead on.


shoe pictureeee!

right, back to the party.
phal and daddy looking err, charming.

venetia with glowsticks in her hair.

KH and his best friend

yeah daddy was a bit high that night.
i can even pee in me pants
huh what the..?

you should think about growing your hair out and bleaching it daddy.

rachel. woooot.

iris, also another victim.

jane, phal the hair stylist for the night, jean and dr ed.

and dr ed again, blowing on a lot of err, sticks.

kh and his daughter.

they started a sing-a-long after that,
with dominic on the guitar

and mei on the cajon.
a lot of the adults were as facinated as the kids by the cajon lol.

oh and someone was rajin and nice enough to print out the song lyrics for everyone.

the adults were having fun, singing their slightly tipsied version.

hey, at least we made the effort to hum along yea? O.o

before we knew it, it was already 5 minutes to 0000hours.

people getting excited.

getting ready.. 




we made hell alot of noise.

and hugs and handshakes were exchanged.

lol. most unique new years i've ever had, definitely.

as for the best dressed..
mei won! :D

and phal too. :)

we decided to head back to the room earlier,
got a ride on the buggy. heh.

watched titanic on mei's laptop,
which i realised that i watched it on that very day, 7 years ago.
creepy eh :P

didnt plan on waking up too early the next day,
we almost missed our breakfast.
american breakfasts are goddamn huge okay.

from the three of us :D

went back to our room and started cleaning and packing.

sigh. one last look out our chalets.

left cws at about 2 for ipoh town again for lunch.
alamak, why so serious the two of you.

moozie and daggles.

tauge. ew.

steamed white chicken.

okay overdose liao. no more white chicken for the next 3 months.

oh and if u really wanna tone your arms,
go kayaking,

..or so they say la.

we were pretty quiet on the way home.
till we decided to mummify munyi in my hoodie.
mwaxmwax mei and munyi, thanks for coming with me :D


flashes of the past,