Sunday, January 25, 2009

it's been two months..

woke up at 4am and left the house at 5am for penang.

aunty laygaik followed us up as well.
heh. don't kill me. :P

reached penang at about 8.30 and had breakfast at a coffeeshop in island glades.

apom manis.

century egg porridge for the sick girl.

char kuey teow

char kuey kak, which is also lou pak kor.
or carrot cake.

penang curry mee



aunty laygaik.

went to my dad's side's grandmother, eema's place.

ting, aunty laygaik, mommy, daddy and eema.

aunty joolee and kevin, who came all the way from hongkong with jacqueline.
uncle sg wouldnt be joining us for cny this year cause he's got some meeting with obama in ny.

kononnya la.

gosh she's only 4 years old. O.o

went to one stop mall for some dvds, and my dad dropped jacq and i off at gurney plaza for lunch and for me to get my shoes.

went to sakae sushi for lunch,
saw cheryl there with her cousins and niece.

*cough oh loooouuuuiiiisssss. ;D

she was hungry.

i prefer this place to the one at curve or ou. maybe cause of the space we get.

salmon maki.

kappa maki.
haha ashvinn.

mango avocado temaki.

sakae chawa mushi.

zaru soba.

chicken katsu cheese yaki.

takoyaki! :D

soft shell crab crepe maki.

grape jelly.

i love the omnomnomnom shirt! :D
oh and i just hit me that i'd be wearing new clothes from today onwards til friday.

awesomeeeee. :D

someone's looking gluttonyy :P

i thought the grape jelly was abit weird.

us, while waiting for my dad to pick us up.

went back to eema's place for a bit.

moozie and ting.

kevin likes playing cooking with mama on the wii.

went to my mom's side's grandmother, ahma's place after that.

had dinner at new world park, swatow lane with my dad's side.

banana leaf at passions of kerala.

the whole pack of us.


the veggies and curries.

deepfried bittergourd and kickass deep fried bawal hitam.

curry fish head.

curry sotong and fried chicken.

mutton and ice kacang.

uncle shyanghuei; kaka and aunty mon.

aunty joolee, aunty meihuei; koko, eema and my grandfather; eekong.

camwhore family.

mhmm, the whole lot of us.

..especially this one. :P

aunty joolee
who imho, looks a bit like sieuminn here.

eekong, the tailou of the family :D

jacqueline, aunty joolee and eema.

told you we're a camwhore family :D

daggles, uncle soon cheng's friend and uncle soon cheng.

one big happy family :D

pynk heffalumps. :D

in new world park, there're a few little boutiques and something like a mini flea market there.
three guesses what happened :P

today's buys:

my motherload of dvds from one stop mall.
26 dvds for RM100.
i love penang.

purple babydoll top from koko, white polo tee from kaka.

heels from nose, flipflops&clincher from newworldpark, headband and hairclip which were RM1 each.
my mom said my heels were more like weapons instead of footwear. =.=
4inches. exactly my kinda thing :D

and all that was chipchipchip okay! x)

i love penang. <333333

the entire family's watching the hulk at the moment.

new clothes, here i comee!