Tuesday, January 13, 2009

parabolic brain functions

shitty hasni chased us from the court. 
or more like eugene ran away frm her with the ball and then she caught him and the ball then jou bullshitted abit, snatched the ball back then we hurried off back to class.

today was a long day. very. 

had tea with munyi, mei and jou at jasema's and they came over after that.
started jakuning with my itouch and serenading damn retardedly to each other. (?)

..with my cny clothes..

..and with each other. 


ashvin dropped by for a bit, and the first thing she noticed was my "panties pencikbox". 
dont ask.
stupid cinbabi (cinafied punjabi) /punjabo (punjabi bimbo).

lol. eugene and hasni make a good combo. really. opposites attract right?

jou sucks :D