Monday, January 26, 2009

happy chinese new year, freakshows!
bet you guys have collected lots and lots of angpau,
eaten lots of oranges and cookies now havent you? :D

outfit for today:

red spaghetti top from fos,
black waist clincher from online blog, attire's attic,
green shirt and plaid miniskirt from pulland bear,

every year, eema would cook angchao meesua, which is red rice wine, for all of us.
all of us, meaning, for eekong's brothers and sisters and their children and grandchildren as well.

which officially makes this the busiest day of cny for my family, eema especially.

of course, with aunty mon and chantum helpin in the kitchen.

so she prepares 30 chickens drumsticks,
20 chicken wings,
60 eggs,
and a whole lot of yellow mee and meesua.

it isnt as bad as it looks, really.

aunty joolee's packed bowl, mushrooms, white carrots and yellow mee.

me :D

daggles, who had 3 bowls of it. =.=

kevin, who's still in his GI Joe craze.

jacq, looking good in purple (again).

aunty joo lee :D

the master chef, eema.

aunty mon, ting and jacq enjoying their angchao.

and for the first time celebrating cny with us in a long time,

uncle soon cheng.

had our family photoshoot like we do every year.

would you call me awesome if i told you that i got my grandparents to do that? ;D

the whole pack of lims. minus ping and uncle shyang guey.

something a lil different this year,

since koko and uncle soon cheng got married in nz,
they didnt get to do the traditional tea ceremony,
so they did it here instead.

..then the "presentation" of angpaus from the immediate family.

hey, still lovin those shoes/weapons.

aunty joolee's right about standing on her left, the other pictures have my hair all over my face -.-

kaka, eema, ting (who refused to move from her spot), eekong and aunty mon.

kevin, koko, ting, uncle soon cheng and jacq.

moozie, ting and daggles.

after a while, the other family members started arriving.
the house was crawling with kids. i'm not kidding.

the wii, of course, were a big hit among the boys.

the younger boys played masak masak (?) instead.

the kids took up all the couch space.

the moment this baby walked in, he walked straight up to me and plopped himself in front of the laptop and started pressing the keys.
then he took my camera and started scrolling through the picures all by himself.
he's a little over one year old.

i can see it all now. future blogger, and i'm talking kenny sia here.

cute lil thing.

my favourite of the pack of toddlers, cheechee :)

ping, jacq, chee, may and xing.
someone please corect me if i'm wrong, tQ!

ivan's grown up so much now.

clearly, someone was either really tired.. or really bored.

denise and ting :D
hey suzen, remember the pictures of the babies in diapers on friendster a long time ago?
they've grown, no?

ting, denise and nicholas.

told you i wasnt kidding when i said the house was crawling with kids.

probably had about 60+people going in and out of the house,
majority of the lot being kids and maids. lol.

left for dinner after that.

went to passions of kerala again, this time with my mom's side.

sern and hoong.

june, michael and lyn.

this time round, they had the cabbage cooked the way i liked it so i had lots of that. :D

somehow, this reminds me of that long row at the back of 4 kempas last year.
you know, when aaron said that we were like a pub. sigh. good old times.

heh. thanks for coming, sorry for boring. :P

went to the field next to the condo to play with some fireworks.

aunty mon.
i guess we all know where ting got it all from.

even eekong's having fun with the sparklers.

jacq and her figure of eight.

dragon eggs, my personal favourite.

funny how one minute they're smacking each other,
and the next they're helping each other cross the road.

So i will hum alone, too far from you
All that i say now is nothing to you
We will lie under different stars
I am where i am and you're where you are, you're where you are.

i'm a mess and you're worse,