Sunday, January 25, 2009

the last of the mice.

i've exceeded my photo limit for blogger so i had to create a new account -.-.
thank god they've gt that whole multiple author thing going on :D

todayy is the last day of the year of the mouse.
and ohhh boy, the second most hectic day during the season for my family.

outfit for today:

purple babydoll top from newworldpark (yep, the one i bought yesterday)
white shorts from pullandbear aren't new, given as a bday present from suzen and cs :)

every chinese new year's eve,
eema'll do some kinda steamboat gathering thing for lunch at her place.

earlier noon.

aunty mon, eema and chantum were busy in the kitchen since last night,
preparing the soup and the steamboat stuff.

lots of soup.

the clear soup,

and the tomyum soup which we've been having since kaka got married to aunty mon, who's thai :)


seacucumber, dumplings, liver, fish bladder, fish balls, pork balls, prawns, cuttlefish, sotong, abelone, chicken meat, fish meat, you name it, eema has it all. :)

and these are a few of my faavourite thingggss.. :)
damn i gotta watch my cholesterol level.

koko, who lives in new zealand half the time, came back with 1kg's worth of cherries.
in malaysia, that's about rm60.
she gets em for rm 14.
O____________o kns damn cheap.

kickass tiramisu, made by one of kaka's friends.

thab thim grob, my favourite thai dessert made by aunty mon :)
no, those arent jelly worms.

ting, kevin, mommy, uncle soon cheng, koko and kaka's friend son.
i think his name is ashwin :P

koko showing them pictures she took in nz.

kaka and his posse.

makan time:

kaka's posse again.

uncle soon cheng and koko.

uncle kee soon (jason's dad) and aunty laygaik.

daggles, moozie and aunty joolee.


uncle teik ee and his family.
omg, ivan, you're so freaking tall now.

spot the camwhore :P

tingting again.

hey ping, remember the cymbals we used to play with last time? :)

her and her "camera".
told you it runs in the family.

and she made a new friend too! heh.

them, watching toy story.

went to persiaran gurney after that to visit aunty laygaik's parents.
it's been so long since i've been to their place.

hey jou, i think they've got more chairs in their hall than i do. (there were more)

the view from their place is awesomee..

well that's all for today so far.
would be leaving for ahma's place in a bit for another round of steamboat,
this time with my mom's family.

i'll be back with part two of my cny's eve later tonight. ^^

jou, ashvin,
this is for you. x)

le coq? :D
haha they've even got the chicken logo thing.

i just wanna be alone tonight, i just wanna take a little breather
cause lately all we do is fight, and every time it cuts me deeper
cause something’s changed, you’ve been acting so strange
and its taking its toll on me..

still loving penang :),