Monday, March 9, 2009

dinner(s) with daddy's friends.

oh and before you read anything.
SPM students of 09,
take a look to the right of this blog, under the chatbox.
time's ticking away..
so get to work. :P

went for dinner with my parent's friends at some restaurant in bangsar puteri condo.

jane and phal.

ben and lilian.

jean and dr ed.

sweet belacan kangkung O.o

steamed egg.


black pepper beef.

some kinda steamed siakap.

steamed crab and egg.

jiang nan prawns.

went for dinner at my dad's friends yulian and shim's place the next night.

remember the twins, abbey and keith? ahha. they're so big now.

in the living hall.

valerie and her kids.

one the KH&fiona's kids.

lol. look at her shirt.

yulian, shim and KH.

daggles. lol.

so what's the occasion?
oh maulidur rasul la.
insya allah. *bows head

she looks hungry.

shim, lilian and jane.

ben, yulian, KH and fiona.

my camera brings out the best in ben.

mind you, all the food was home made by yulian and shim.

corn and chicken soup.

some kinda salad.

potato salad! haha. can teng with louis'.


and woooooooo. the ribs. the RIBS.
*mouth waters

okay fine i lied, not EVERYTHING was home made.
ben brought tiramisu from alexis
i think if you forced munyi to eat this she'll go crazy.

but i like it. :D.

besides countless bottles of red and white wine (and shim's stoli vodka to which ben helped himself generously), they had a bottle of that. honestly, i really don't like it lo.

they gave me the honours of popping a bubbly. lol.

i get free career advice, do you? :P
doctors, dentists, engineers, journalists, law grads, econs grads,
you name it, i've spoken to em all. ;)
still doesnt change the fact that i've still have completely no idea what the hell do i wanna do in the future.. journalism's looking good tho.

keke. i like my clincher.

i got bored after a while. stoned around and listened to some music.

phal said that it's supposed to bring me luck.
man, i need a hell lot of THAT right now.

motivation and incentive,