Monday, March 2, 2009

dissection. ><

last wednesday, 5 kempas brought their frogs to school to dissect as part of the syllabus.

waiwan's humongous rm6 restaurant-bought frog. it's eyes are like munyi's.
"oh teacher said my frog's too big to dissect.. i'm going to release it in the park.."
the next day, a group in belian/ jati cut it up.
"oh i didnt know they took it.."
"waiwan didnt you sell your frog?"

"uhm uhm...."

pn wong doesnt bother using gloves. bleurgh.

weiting and her gang.

as for our table..

you can tell who were the ones who didnt touch the frog.
i seriously couldnt tahan lo, i had to go out of class early =.=

went to jenny hong's son's fish head noodle place behind school for lunch on wednesday with su-zen.

jujen izz a retahd.

quite good, but the one near jalan kuchai lama's still kicks ass.

we were so damn full after that ><

went for troop after that.
we form 4s were learning how to build a monkey bridge since camp was that weekend itself.

look at their faces. lol.

ken vern was the one who had to climb up the tree.
screaming like a girl the whole time.


lol. he's just like you la jou.

kien beng.

seng kai.

ee choong.


had to leave early.
sorry form 4s, not many pictures of the rest of you.

right about the keahlian camp post.. wait la okay.
got about 600++ pictures to choose from. =.=

angels and demons,