Monday, March 30, 2009

food post O.o

went to have some dimsum after church today with minghan's family and some of the people from church.

statue of liberty, according to minghan. lol.

lots and lots of dimsum, i like minghan's dad, he orders so much :D

lazy to name all of them lar.

mingyue and mingli.

someone from church and aunty chooi kuan

uncle hok seng and minghan.

argh mah pimpless mah pimplessss.

later for dinner, went out with my parents and their friends to somewhere on jalan ipoh.

ethan came along this time.

forgot to take a pic of the vege before it was half polished. heh.

kickass hokkien fried mee.

cantonese fried yee mee.

kickass lala.

steamed fish. i liked the sauce.

some kinda pork thing.

dr jack and cynthia. moozie was right next to them.

dr ed, ethan and daddy.

ben and jean.

ethan's damn cute la.

20 questions?