Saturday, March 28, 2009

after tuition on friday,
minghan picked me up and we went to darren's place for a bit.
played bomberman with stephanie on the psp :D
ahaha heyyy i haven't played it in damn long okay!

went to murni's for a really late dinner after that.

stephanie and darren.

khidir and minghan.

minuman minuman.

nasi chicken maryland.

chicken maryland.

sizzling chicken chop.

triple x/h. quite the kickass.

lookit the meat. :D

a really sucky maggi goreng

spaghetti carbonara.

all of us shared the carbonara. heh.

oh and btw,
some of you might remember darren's highly noticable unbalanced eyes..

fella went for an operation to correct them, so they're the same size now.

gives you hell,