Friday, March 27, 2009

praise the lard.

my dad arranged for a birthday dinner for my mom with their friends,
was supposed to be a surprise but his plan kinda backfired due to unforseen circumstances.

went to checkers :D

shim, kh, daddy, jeremy, sharon, fiona, yulian and dr ed.

mommy, jean, venetia, lilian, ben and laygaik.

the others arrived a bit later, didnt get to snap their pics.

as usual, with the company of my dad's friends, there's always tonnes of wine.
remember back in december, for my dad's christmas party, i won a huge gigantum can of beer?
yup, that's the one right there, furthest to the left. heh.

this is, by far, the best wine i've tasted in my entire life.
it's a summer wine, containing 5% alcohol. tastes like sparkling juice. xD

ben, as the only guy sitting at the table full of girls,
had to serve us the whole night. kekeke.

checker's salad.

aglio olio spaghetti.

galatte, some kinda mini pizza.

cajun blackened pork chop.

lord of the ribs :D

plantain, banana.

jamacian chicken kicks ass!

got my mom a tiramisu cake from antonio's (neeraj!) cause it's her favourite.

let me tell you a story about this cake.

when i picked it up from antonio's,
it was packed like this.

in a metal tray, with no cocoa powder on top.
looks like tofu doesnt it?

they said that they couldnt put the cocoa powder too fast cause it would eventually sink into the white layer.

so we had to spray the cocoa powder on ourselves.

and ben was having fun doing it.

had to push the cake out of the metal tray after that.

i was so scared that they'd either squash or drop the cake.

but it turned out perfectly fine in the end :)

look, moozie's happy :)

and happier.
this is the 4th bday cake she's had since sunday.
lol my mom quite the happening yea.

with daggles and moozie. and the cake.
ben's angles not bad ah.

everybody. :D

and this is ethan, again. :D

jean and ethan. hahaha.

this is the look i give ben when he tries to put his hands in front of the camera when i'm taking a picture.

you're a getaway car,