Monday, March 16, 2009

i hate getting fevers =.=

sorry for not updating.
fell sick for the last 2 days and didnt have the mood to stare at the screen. :D

went for undang on saturday with mark, zen, mei, munyi, ashvin, siew mun, and natasha.


waited at the place for damn long. god knows why also.

guess who were there as well ;)

the speaker was quite nice la.
funny lil indian man.
tried to make things interesting for us laaa since we were gonna have to sit there for 6 hours -.-

he could tell that we were hungry cause we stopped making noise for a while.
let us out for a mini break.

this is what they looked like during lunch break:

ashvin looked like she was on crack. lots of it.
i think they were laughing at munyi or something like that.

bleh. was feeling hot, restless and feverish and got irritated at the poor aussie-malaysian guy who was shaking his legs and told him off. heh.

munyi, ashvin, suzen and mark went back to my place and watched a bit of mean girls.
that's a damn good movie right there la. man.

went out for dinner with minghan at paddington's, curve.

minghan's thingy. dunno what it was called.

wasnt feeling very well so i didnt have anything to eat.
after walking around curve for a while more,
i couldnt tahan anymore so minghan took me home at about 8.
completely K.O.ed for the whole night after being taken care of for a short while.

went to antioch network community (church) for a bit the next morning.

happy 14th anniversary!

and theirs weren't the only anniversary for the day..

happy 22nd anniversary, mommy and daddy!

took me to umai-ya for dinner along with aunty lay gaik.

kitty. ahha. (mMmMmIiIiIaAaAaAoOoOo)
spotted the almost exact picture in yanlengs blog earlier today. heh.

the place we sat at had really dim lighting,
and we all know what my pictures turn out to be in dim lighting
(and how i feel about it =.=)

chawa mushi.

salmon miso.

california handrolls.

that red octopus thing.

soft shell crab maki.

kaki tofu.


some bento set thing.

and free watermelon! keke. they waiter guy was so nice.

aunty lay gaik and mommy.


one big pack of lims. missing one.

went back and jou was online! haha.
webcammed with her for a while till it was her bedtime. keke.

went to munyi's house for game night after that.

people playing scrabble.
i think ashvin was playing with like punjabi words or something.
wth is tate? -.-

they were watching taken.
damn super grossly violent and saddistic movie.

had a round of manipulated taboo after that.
trixha's damn pro. =.=

played with kiki too.

she liked him. a lot O.o

ahaha damn cute la these two.

went out with raymond after so damn long.
went to dave's for lunch cause i felt like having pasta and didnt have a clue where else to go.

this. is. GODLIKE. and ray agrees.
cookies and cream. order it the next time you go there.

ray's cappuccino.

my penne mushrooms and bacon in olive oil.

his fettucine carbonara bacon and meatballs.

this is ray.
or, sir raymond/mr raymond to some.

went to watch dragonball after that

the movie was damn damn damn weird. like, isnt dragonball supposed to be like chinese/japanese? or asian, at least? -.- and it was so weird how the angmos were saying all the chinese words and stuff.

oh is this the one where they say haundoken?
oh. okay. is it the abugen one? that's street fighter la stupid.
ha then what do they say?

gg. im getting them all mixed up and all i do is play the ps2 games.

walked around for a bit after that.

got a bit tired and stopped at juice works.
the berry burst tastes damn funky.

holy crap my pimple looks like a freaking crater.

haha. get well soon ray, oh ray. :D

minghan picked me up from ou and went to .99 steakhouse for dinner after that.

his king's burger.
damn weird, it had like no veggie at the sides or whatever.

my lamb cutlets.
man i couldnt finish my food.