Tuesday, March 17, 2009


went out with suzen and minghan after training today for lunch.

went to dave's again. :D
i look possessed.

busy busy lil boy.

oh and i forgot to mention that they kinda have a new menu now.

i'm hooked, i'm sorry. cookies and cream, kicks my ass.
kicks everyone's ass.
it's so damn good. seriously. i bet even god's up there in heaven drinking this.

suzen's spaghetti bolognese smoked sausage and ham i think.

minghan's fettucine carbonara bacon, ham and meatballs.

my extra virgin olive oil penne with ham and meatballs.

super gila hooked on to it.

minghan took off to a&w to get some work done while suzen and i walked around a bit.
got some takoyaki and met up with him after that.

he coudnt finished it. too jelak-ed from the carbonara.

suzen and i were eating machines for the day. wink wink.

minghan and mingyue's theory:
add one word to the back of every sentence for a day. it'll change your life.

yeah. got suzen and i laughing at minghan till our abs hardened threefold.

banana juice!