Monday, March 23, 2009

Happy Birthday Kun!

the one who chuckles at everything
the one who has a frigging foosball table in his room -.-

hope you liked the bag! :)

went for church in the morning, this time was house church and minghan's place.

sandyyyyy. kekeke.

went over to kun's place for his surprise birthday party thing.
thanks minghan, for helping us with our lil problem. ;)

aik's always ready to smile for the camera.

we all crowded in his room waiting for him.

zhushen admiring the guy's jasmine cup trophy.
which reminds me, congrats for getting champions guys! :)

so yeah, we all waited for kun to come cause amir said they were already outside the house.
so we waited..
and waited..
and waited..

then pauline called amir.

apparently kun wanted to stay downstairs.
eh kun i wanna play guitar. oh okay i'll bring it down la nola lets go up and play together
or something along those lines. do correct me please. xD

i love you kor kor!

went downstairs to eat.

jian doesnt eat the KFC skin. O.O O.O O.O.

looks like he's stealth mode-ing.

kun's mom's kickass fruit&custard tarts.

pauline brought out the birthday cake after a while..
happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday to ku- siew mun...
huh lol wth?

yeah so they shared the cake.

scary mary.

zhushen and jit long.

LOL. lookit jian.

suzen and cheryl.

melvin keeping jit long company.

stil not over the fact that kun as a foosball table in his room.
which is, fyi, the same as the ones in breakers. minus the coin dispenser/compartment/whatever thingies.

that's our ponpon. hope you had a great one ;)

went home for a bit, then went out for dinner with my parents and aunty laygaik to celebrate my mom's birthday a few days earlier.

went to this relatively new place called cavells in sri hartamas.
serves italian and spanish food if i'm not mistaken.

cheers to mommy.

piƱa colada. still my absolute favourite :D

kickass mushroom soup which was stuffed with super damn a lot of mushrooms.

caesar salad with a lil cavells twist.

marmitako, some kinda fish in tomato base sauce.

ropa vieja. beef in some sauce that tastes like chilli con carne.

angel hair vegetarian pasta. looks a bit like meehoon but it tasted alright.

all of us.

check out the hand painted backdrop man.

went home and webcammed with my sister for a bit.

and we had cake for mommy- with the webcam on.

all of us (including my sister) singing happy birthday to my mom.

heh. my mom's birthday's on the 26th, btw. ;)

disco disco good good.
lol. zohan is awesome.

habakkuk 1:3 caught my eye.
..oh boy. i'm reading the bible- off my itouch.

this is getting a lil bit weird,