Friday, March 13, 2009

exam preparation: the fun part.

suzen, hazel and yeehua came over on tuesday afternoon.
don't get me wrong, it wasnt those typical "came to study but went to gossip" scenarios.
we really did study history. woo. heckloads of history.

after almost 3 hours of history, they decided to take a break.

yee hua and hazel wanted a "tour" of my house (wasnt big enough to be toured, but hey, whatever makes you happy) and like everyone else before them, liked my bed. keke.
that's where all the magic happens, baby. lolllollol.

and you should've seen hazel on the wii. lollollol.
could be almost as retarded as minghan, specially for cooking mama :P

this girl here is the main reason why i knew enough for sejarah to pass :D
thank you yee hua!

hazel syiok sendiri-ing with my camera.

su-zen KO on my couch.

suzen, yeehua and i.

they camwhore.

and jumpshot.

damn retarded wei.

leapfrog. lol yee hua's got an imaginary friend there somewhere gua.

looks like she's taking a crap -.-

fail la fail.

good picture..

oh boy. holidays are almost here.
one super hectic week to look forward to.

listen to the thunder,