Wednesday, March 4, 2009

just a quick one

yea yea, i know we're all waiting for the many many pictures from keahlian camp,
but cut me some slack okay, i've got mssD plus exams (shit, bio tomorrow, i'm gonna die)
but it'll definitely be up by satuday. promises promises :D

anyway, check out this site.

malaysian dreams

it's basically just a blog where people voice out what they dream for malaysia.

how they work:
1) Think of a dream or a desire you have for Malaysia. Personal ones always inspire.
2) Capture a picture that reflects that dream/desire.
3) Put your dream into words. How long or how short is up to you.
4) Send your picture + words to
5) They put it up!
6) Ask others to dream together.
7) Start at step 1 again. Don't stop dreaming! :)

do you have a dream for malaysia?

voice out. heh.

random la i know, im probably the last person on earth you'd ever imagine would put up a post like this but yeah. have fun.

keep your eyes on me,