Friday, March 20, 2009

murni's is still considered a mamak, isn't it?

wanted to go to murni's since forever, been whining and whining and finally got the chance to go there for dinner earlier today with minghan, khidir and naim.

i'm still in awe of the way they carry all the food around.
seriously, weightlifters. that's like, 30 drinks in that tray he's holding.

oh, and we say next to the table where they gather the food before serving them.

minghan's kiwi special.

i'm suddenly damn hooked on to watermelon juice.

naim's pink panther. no idea what's inside.

no, suzen, no banana juice for me today.

meatballs at murni's are the BEST.

meatball spaghetti.

dragon pizza. fulamak. kicks ass.

sizzling chicken chop.

triple cheese naan.

naim and khidir.
man, khidir is awesome.

lol. anyone watched final destination 3?

delilah on a deckchair,