Sunday, April 5, 2009

nuffnang music bash '09!

so many people read my "i'm a musicon celebrity thanks to maxis broadband" post and wondered what the hell was wrong with me..
read the footnote dah-lings, read the footnote.

it was actually to get invites to nuffnang's first party of the year,
nuffnang's music bash 09!

yeah in conjunction with.. well, read the thing.

okay before my dear readers start looking at the pictures,
bear in mind that it's a costume party okay.
the make up was meant to look like that. ;)

i got to invite one guest, so i dragged minghan along.

was held at maison, kl.

bet they can knock anyone out with those heels of theirs.

the hollograms! ahahha.
looks like they jumped out from some cartoon on tv.

as usual, things started off a bit late.
minghan and i were damn stoned till they started the party.

liang, our emcee for tonight.

chill out with p.diddy.
took part in the ice breaker game,

3 lines of 8,
robb would sing 3 lines of a song to the person right in front,
and they're supposed to pass it down the line,
the last one has to go up on stage.

it amazes me how people dont know girl at the rockshow- blink182.

"i fell in love with the girl at the workshop"
lollollol ftw.

timothytiah, the nuffnang tailou giving a "welcoming speech".

robbchew err, duno doing what.

dustin giving away free hugs.

guess who? ;)

okay, if you look at people dressed up like this,

you wouldnt expect them to be singing a song like collide by howie day, right? ;)

they were good tho, specially the one wearing white and pink/purple.
deng with minghan keke.

exactly what minghan and i were thinking when we saw the hollograms outside, before the party.

went upstairs for a while to check out the place.

hey, pretty good view of the band. lol.

they had 6 laptops for people to blog live.

went back down for celebrity trivia.

minghan vs jonyip lol.

the grand feast.

the food was goooooood. the lamb, the beef, woooooo.
didnt have seconds tho, the line was so long.

britney went up onstage to dance halfway through.

oh and they had the ps3 rockband there.

minghan really liked it.

show me the spotlight.

another game,
i quote bryanlyt: it was the sing-a-song-then-hold-your-last-word-of-the-lyrics-as-long-as-you-can game.

jordan singing dangerous.
hey jordan, sorry i didnt get to talk to you lol.

bryan singing negaraku-ku =x

natalie singing power of love.
man she's DAMN good.

winners, 13 secs and 17 secs, won a pair of sunglasses each.

who's that girl?

the next game was about the most thigh slapping funny one ever.
the people who wanted to play and jump onstage unknowingly had to dance to whatever video the dj puts up on the screen.
they had to dance to this

single ladies by beyonce.

i videod this part instead of taking pictures.. enjoy!

the first contestant

the second contestant.

the third contestant.

the forth contestant

the impromptu contestants.


woo. awesome stuff. just watching them dance made my legs hurt.

the winners were the second and the girl in the fifth.
won an armani belt each.

the nuffnang allstars show.

the staff of nuffnang singing a song that sounded really familiar but i dont remember what its called.

the ladies of nuffnang dancing to jaiho.

and the grammy goes to......

the nominees for best celebrity impersonator:
pink from lady marmalade,
lady gaga,
britney spears,
bob marley,
and john lennon.

best celeb impersonator showdown.
i never thought i'd live to see john lennon pump it.

winner of the best blog post,
won a nokia express music 5800.

winner of next big hit blogger award.
won an itouch 8gb.

winner of most uninspiring blogpost.
won two gsc gold class tickets.

winner for best celebrity impersonator, bob marley!
won a sony ps3.

winner for worst impersonator, eminem and his two pasar malam guns.
won a harry potter broomstick (??) and 2 gsc gold class tickets.

winner for best male, john lennon yatz.
won a voucher for topshop worth RM 500.

winner for best female, lady gaga.
won a voucher for topshop worth RM 500 as well.

woo. i had an overall good night.
still prefered kakiis night out though.

minghan and liang.
apparently they were supposed to talk music ages ago,
but they somehow never got to it. and they met here at the party. O.o

he reminds me a whole lot of jiashen.

robb chew, who didnt dress up much.

nicholas, trying to look like.. i dunno what.

k-tuck, thanks for helping me out with you-know-what!

finally got to meet suresh after so long.

karena, have a safe flight home later!

yiching and rose from smkdj.

bryanlyt. man i keep seeing him everywhere.

and yeah, i had an awesome time meeting a whole lotta celebrities.

i'll just say that i met elvis on a bad hair day plus wardrobe malfunction.

hmm didnt get the girl's name, but the guy's andrew.
pretty scary costumes huh?

(think of the raincoat)


britney baby one more time.
lol i think mark's rubbing off on me too zen.

asian version of amy lee. woo.

bob marlehhhhh.

john lennon - with REAL hair.

eminem and his pasar malam gun! haha.

and ming. :)

walked back to the carpark at jalan dang wangi and saw the twin towers.

wanted to jakun abit.

i'm a proud malaysian yo.

the free stuff that they gave.
i kinda like the window shade thing.

bought myself a princess of pop maxis broadband t.

oh me, oh my, what's in the envelops?

i like their sticker things. damn good quality.

2 gsc tickets (from celebrity trivia) and RM40 topshop (dnp clothing) vouchers (from winning the ice breaker game).
ming gave me his. keke.

oh yes, yes i most definitely do x)

wu juizzzeeeee,