Friday, April 24, 2009


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Prices for SMKDU's PROM NIGHT 2009 tickets are as follows:

For SMKDU students/ ex-SMKDU students:
*currently F5 and studying in SMKDU
*currently F5 and was from SMKDU
*any senior from SMKDU.

Early Bird : RM 140
[from 24th April - 4th May]

Normal Price : RM 150
[from 5th May - 21st August]

Late Buyers : RM 170
[from 22nd August - 31st October.]

For Non-SMKDU students:
*complete SMKDU virgin.
(including the dates/guests/+1s of DU students as well)

Normal Price: RM 160
[from 24th April - 21st August]

Late Buyers: RM 170
[from 22nd August - 31st October]

Tickets would not be sold from the 31st of October onwards as the committee would have to prepare for their SPM examinations, so hurry and get your tickets fast! :)

to book your tickets, please contact:
Lynnette Oon (5 Keledang) - 0122121053
Hazel Chia (5 Keledang) - 0126863822


on another note,

the prom committee will be selling sweets for the next few weeks to raise funds for prom. just spot the sexy secretary prancing around school with the big pink box.

we, the committee, would be selling sweets to EVERYONE IN SMKDU, and YES THAT INCLUDES YOU TOO, JUNIORS (i know you're reading this *winkwink*), so please show us your support!

..oh and by the way,
we now have a themeless prom.

so the hall will just be nicely decorated, but not to any theme.
now everyone can be happy, yes? :D

the sexy secretary,